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  • @tips4gamers  i find i have the most problems with a high rated pocket passer whom gets rid of the ball fast… hard to get the boys to the backfield to sack when the rock just a’int back there no more 😛
    i think i’m going to push my self and play the 4-3 defence (one that i’m not good at) and a off playbook i’ve never used… see if i can do it…[Read more]

  • First off, congratulations on the Sizz Bizzel win, it’s truly amazing. We also want to thank you for taking on the Free Agency Challenge. This is a tough challenge and you handled it very well.

    The Super Bowl wasn’t even close, you could pretty much goof around on the field. Apparently, the AFC had no worthy opponents. Your defense showed up, and…[Read more]

  • Tips4Gamers posted an update in the group Group logo of t/Maddent/Madden 1 week, 1 day ago

    AB to the Raiders???

  • so HERE WE GO! the SIZ BIZZEL! the Lancers lock up with Browns and due to the fact that the relocation team uniforms are just tacked on to an existing nfl’s unis… glitches can happen! and boy did it happen! so apparently the Lancers are going to play in their Silver for the silver of the SUPERBOWL trophy, but on the sideline they will done their…[Read more]

  • @isaela4105   i’m playing against the Browns… i will play it tomorrow morning!!!

    yeah that falcons game is the first time i just didn’t get too upset with the madden cheese!

    i just kept plugging away hoping for turn overs… i really like mixing

    for defence! thanks again!


  • Holy shit. That Falcons game for the nfc championship! You got me so pumped up right now! When you playing the sizzz bizzz and who is against? Love the way you layed that out too. I felt like I was reading a novel. Scroll to find out what happens next *jaw drops and nipples lactate*.

  • so NFC Championship game… Lancers vs the Falcons.. here it is QTR by QTR!

    Wow did we ever fall hard.. the Falcons came to play! and i think OUR year is coming to an end…

    and 19-0 we just have to buckle down and play smart… and 1 TD later we are back in it… we also stopped the bleeding

    after the drain the clock and score drive to…[Read more]

  • so first round bye… and the second round DIV championships…and who do we face? then RAMs our 3rd meeting this year!
    we won both times  a 42-35 victory in week 7 at their house and the a 27-20 win at home in week 14!

    so can we beat them a 3rd time! lets GO!

    we just took the clock away from them! we were going to limit their chances and we…[Read more]

  • so the yearly awards that contained Lancers are all here


    and the top 3 Lancers that got boosts over this season are

    and our Back just EXPLODED on the scene and Stole all our HEARTS
    he started out as a 68 overall Normal Dev HB and now…

    he feed the damn PIG!


  • so the last game of the season.. week 17 teh 8-5-2 Steelers roll on over to the 10-5 Lancers and after a super tough 1st qrt were we dropped by 10 and then a 17-0 early in the 2nd qtr we buckled down and ran and threw on them to fight back to 24-21 by half time! and we never let up just having a great day to hit the final 31-62

    the “struggle is…[Read more]

  • and just when you’ve had the best game of the season! madden hurts you the most when in week 16 the 10-4 Lancers traveled to battle the 6-8 Saints and even came out strong in the 1st half going up 13-0

    in that first half we had injured their #2 HB Alfred Blue and #3 HB  Jamal Dockett and with their #1 Alvin Kamara already out with a fractured…[Read more]

  • well thanks to the moral boost from @daddysback the 9-4 Lancers meet up at the nest of the 4-9 Ravens and continue to make their year miserable with a 56-24 thrashing!

    and in that thrashing our #1 back, and our #1 in our hearts Marquise Short Breaks all sorts of records! along with his 7th OPW in his rookie season!

    and a pic 6 and an INT…[Read more]

  • DaddysBack posted an update in the group Group logo of t/Maddent/Madden 1 week, 5 days ago

    @martymcsmartyns What offensive playbook are you using?


  • well the big game week 14 is here and the 8-4 Rams visit the 8-4 Lancers for another fight for the top of the NFC WEST again!

    we had one great defensive stand in the 2nd qtr and had a great drive of our own.. and we just ran and drained the clock down… we almost ended up with 4x the possession time! go us! we also had a QB Dive for a TD!…[Read more]

  • @isaela4105 yeah defence is the hardest part and what i find is i blitz like 5 and 6 guys on 85% of the plays… it helps with run defence and any play-action that the cpu does. leaving you to sort of free roam and try to help your one on one defenders…

    now your defence is going to give up a ton of tds to one play tds. but don’t worry… your…[Read more]

  • @martymcsmartyns Hey man I stopped playing it for a bit it was a little frustrating and I wasn’t haveing any fun…but I will start again. I only won one game so Im going to practice a bit more and post some shit up here. I’m just going to restart my franchise.

    Looks like your doing great. I’d be seriously impressed if you made it to the…[Read more]

  • so week 13 has our 8-3 Lancers head west to one of our rivals the 4-7 49ers

    a heart breaks loss with a 4th qtr INT to stop a final drive for even a FG to win… sadness ensues. but the top Lancers for the week are…

    and some action shots

    and here are some year leader stats and we have a few up there!

    the loss ties us back up with the…[Read more]

  • week 12 brings us one of the top AFC teams vs one of the top NFC teams!
    as the 7-3 Lancers head over to take on the 7-3 Bengals. time to head into the jungle!

    after a rough start we buckled down and just kept plugging away! Tamm had his game of the season with 4 TDS! and short was away to the races with 4 20+ yrd runs!

    Roy McGarrahan had a…[Read more]

  • so the 6-3 eagles are invited to a 6-3 party! the Lancers at home are 6-3… and are still tied with the Rams at 6-3 for the NFC WEST. so here we go

    we went ahead late in the 3rd and never looked back even got to kneel out the game tamm got hurt but i don;t think he is out for long but we shallll find out!

    next up the bengals FEED THE DAMN PIG

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