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Polly Gee

  • Polly Gee started the topic Fighter Percentage in the forum MMA Manager 4 months ago

    Your goal by the time you get a fighter to Tier 1 GFC league is to pay a fighter no lower than 9%. A good percentage would be around 11%. Every other tier just go down each notch and see what the accept. It is not like negotiating with leagues, you have no worry of a fighter ending negotiations.

  • To get paid top dollar quickly in a league you will want to stay away from signing multiple fights right off the bat. Leagues will want to sign you to bottom dollar for multiple fights and you will in turn lose money if you do that. What you should do instead is sign 1 fight contracts and after each fight you will want to raise the money by a few…[Read more]

  • Polly Gee started the topic Travel Expenses in the forum MMA Manager 4 months ago

    Until you start turning good profit or are just starting out be as greedy as possible. You want to save your money to upgrade your gym and paying for the penthouse suite for a fighter who is not very good is not a good idea. If you have some fighters that are just fill in’s for injured fighters or they are just temps you will want them to get the…[Read more]

  • You would think that you have to switch up your game plan a lot but in reality you really don’t. Your coaches are going to make your fighters all about the same style and ratings overtime anyway.  Making your fighters balanced is the best so look to add the coaches overtime to make this happen. What I found that worked really well for me was g…[Read more]

  • Tier 5: Never fight in tier 5 local, it is a waste of time.

    Tier 4: Smalltown is the only one you can fight in while on this tier. It is great for new and growing fighters. You can let new good fighters beat up fighters in that league and grow until they are ready to move up.

    Tier 3: Bushido MMA or EUFU are good, however, the one I like the most…[Read more]

  • Upgrade your Gym to level 1 in February, it only cost 20k. After you upgrade your gym to level 1 you can hire another trainer and hire two more fighters. The more fighters you have fighting the more money you will make. You can wait months before a fight so having multiple fighters fighting and earning you money will help you pay for your monthly…[Read more]

  • This one is not much of a struggle. Just look at getting as much money for as long as you possible can. 

  • I don’t understand Madden at times.

  • I love the thought in this strategy, you guys are the Madden kings! Btw, I think it is pretty cool that we are able to write our own Game Guides.

  • Hiring your 1st fighters is easy and an important process. You can hire two fighters in the very beginning and your selection is usually terrible. To help yourself, upgrade your dorms to level 1 right in the beginning to give yourself a couple extra prospects. It only adds 100 dollars to your monthly cost which is not a lot when you start out with…[Read more]

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