naCHer Apothecary 630mg CBD Oil Review

naCHer CBD Oil Image


We tested out the 630mg sublingual CBD oil for an entire month and recorded our results. First off, the store we went to was at a mall in the springs, it was a nice clean place with good staff that was more than helpful with any questions we had.

The young lady that helped check us out told us if we didn't like it we could get our money back, which was a nice bonus. I mean, how could you go wrong with that, you can't unless you are a moron.

The first thing that had us a little worried was the fact they could not answer our question if each batch was tested or if it ever was tested. Though in the bag they gave us with the oil had a pamphlet that said it was tested so I don't know exactly what to think about their testing process. I know I never saw a chart that showed that it was tested and what the test results were.

I also was not a big fan of them adding extra virgin olive oil and extra virgin coconut oil. Of course, some people will back that and say its great, however not a lot of CBD bottles we have tried so far have those and it seemed like a filler.

The taste was that of the coconut and extra virgin olive oils, which I grew to dislike as the weeks went on. The presentation and bottle were great but that is not hard to do. I did not see the company as a company that was trying to pinch you out of a dollar, they seemed like they were stand up people and stood behind their product.

I did not feel like I did on the Cannab-FS-300 CBD oil. Which is not a good thing, the Cannab-FS-300 CBD oil blew the NaCHer Apothecary 630mg CBD oil away in our opinion. It was much cleaner and tasted way better without all that other added oil.

This CBD oil I would not personally ever try again nor would I recommend to anyone. You can get better for the same price so save your money. I like the company values and how they operate to an extent, however, I was just not a fan of their oil. It is a company that seems like they care.