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Neowiz continues work on bringing Bless Online to the West via Steam. This week we have a look at some of the MMORPG’s dungeons and how players can work together for the greater good… and loot.

Fighting monsters is never easy and sometimes you need friends to get the job done. Our boss mechanics and battles are some of the most fun you’ll have in Bless when battling with friends at your side.

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Our dungeon experience will test your skills but also entrench you in the lore of the game. Here is where you may find secrets to the main story and also some of the best gear in the game. Read all about it at the official blog over on Steam:

About Neowiz:

Established in 1997, Neowiz, Inc (KOSDAQ: 095660) is a pioneer in social platforms and online games. As one of the leading game company in Korea, the company has successfully published wide variety of PC and Mobile games through  since 2003. In 2006, the company co-developed and launched wildly successful FIFA online, NBA Street and Battlefield Online with EA. Neowiz is currently focused on creating and servicing online games for the global audience with high quality titles such as Bless Online, Black Squad and DJMAX RESPECT.

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