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Madden 21 Trade Exploit
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As you are aware, Madden 21 came out with a huge update this March. The trade logic is completely different and our SAR method needs more testing, which we are doing now. We will make sure to update it ASAP. However, this Madden 21 trade exploit is pretty deadly and it is thanks to Kaepernick.

This update has made it easier to trade for players and we found a way to make trading insanely easier. By using only one player, you can virtually trade for any player you want in Madden 21.

Because this one player’s position (QB) is part of EA’s update to the trade logic, the CPU now holds QBs more valuable when trading away and trading for.

That one player you will need is Colin Kaepernick:

If you cannot get Kaepernick then there is one other player who has around the same value. So if you cannot use Kaepernick for whatever reason then you can trade for Matthew Stafford. Just do the same with Stafford as you would Kaepernick.

Kaepernick and Stafford are completely overpowered in the trade game. You can use them endlessly and have a stacked team in week one of the regular season.

You can also check out our SAR Method here.

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