Cell to Singularity Achievements & Secret Achievements

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Cell to Singularity Achievements Description: There are a ton of achievements to accomplish and it can be daunting. However, do not fret because it will go by faster than you think and, of course, you have us in your corner. There are your main achievements (16) for both the Mesozoic Valley (6) and the main simulation (10), 215 general achievements …

Cutting Devs Slack Feat. Image

Cut the Madden NFL 21 Franchise Team Slack

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As you all are well aware of there is a global pandemic going on right now. This has and still is affecting the lives of millions of people. The beautiful thing about life is we learn ways to adapt to our situation. The multi-billion-dollar gaming industry – along with many other industries – have already adapted to the current climate. …

Deshaun Watson Bitter Over Teammates Leaving?

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On a Miller Lite live stream, Deshaun Watson was playing a game with 3 others and was asked what teammate was his favorite to play with. He took some time to think about it. He then said his favorite high school, college, and NFL teammates he played with. Not a huge shocker here but his favorite NFL player was DeAndre …

NFL vs 2k Sports and EA Madden NFL

EA Madden NFL 21 vs NFL 2K21?

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We all know by now that the NFL has allowed NFL 2K in on the football video game industry. And it is about time! This not only shook the NFL gaming industry but it brought along some great publicity for the NFL and NFL 2K. To be clear, NFL 2k will be releasing in 2022, which I explain why later. …