NFL Predictions Week 8

October 28, 2021
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NFL Predictions Week 8

October 28, 2021
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We are going to be giving you our week 8 NFL predictions, we will also be updating this weekly so make sure to check back with us and scroll down to the current week.

Past two weeks records. (We started this series 2 weeks ago).

Dodds is 23-4. Tug 18-9. Coach 19-8. Our Viewers 16-11.

Week 8

Packers @ Cardinals, 10/28.


I am definitely going out on a limb to say the Packers will win. However, I would not be shocked even the slightest to see the Packers lose and by a decent margin either.

When you have a QB that is the wild west slinger back there in Aaron Rodgers it would be wise to think twice before going against him potentially riding off into the sunset with a win and Cardinal tears. We know Rodgers and what he can do, but this Cardinals team is still relatively new.

What we do know is that there are some big injuries to the Cardinals that have truly impacted the Cardinals in such a way that they are extremely deadly. JJ Watt is out and D.Hopkins is somewhat injured and missed practice all week.

He could miss a month and still dominate but he could also be more injured than we think and I feel D-Hop is such a huge reason for the Cardinal’s recent success. Although, they do still have Zach Ertz who is a monster, AJ Green, and Christian Kirk still.

The Cardinals don’t look bad but losing big key players like that I just wonder if it will still be the same Cardinals that we are used to seeing. I am less worried about who the Packers are missing compared to who the Cardinals are missing just due to Aaron Rodgers.

The Packers are going to miss Lazard, D. Adams, and a few others. Lazard is great but would likely only be decent if he was on another team with a decent QB. Rodgers makes pro bowlers like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

The Cardinals have a better defense this year so far and are favored to win. And once again, I would not be shocked if they whipped the Packers. However, I would not be shocked if they lost either just because of #12.

Aaron Rodgers is likely chomping at the bit to prove he is one of the goats by taking out the Cardinals and putting a stop to their undefeated season. That is why I am just super curious about what the Packers have planned and what Aaron Rodgers is going to do.


There is a lot of pressure on the Cardinals to stay undefeated. Right now, it is a mental game and they are losing some key players that have helped so much with their success this year.

The Packers have a huge opportunity here to take something away from the Cardinals and the Cardinals have everything to lose. Very few are going with the Packers to take this one but I think Aaron Rogers has the power to take it.


The Packers are just missing too many weapons and they have to go play at the Cardinals stadium. Home field advantage, undefeated, with a defense that is showing dominance, is something I can’t go against even with Aaron Rodgers on the other end.

Our Viewers Polls. 62% have the Cardinals winning.


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