NFL Street Could Save Madden

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NFL Street was a game that non-football fans could even throw in and have a little fun. The play calling didn't need to be perfect, you didn't even really need much football knowledge to play it. Domination was available to everyone in NFL Street. You could create your own bland name team, bland jersey colors and hit the streets to lay heat on whoever you were facing.

NFL Street didn't need the glitz and glamour to be a game everyone could enjoy. The gameplay was the part that hooked you, jumping off the walls as you threw the ball 800 yards down the field to a guy who did 18 flips off another wall to catch it. Slamming guys down as you rushed around the edge with unlimited swagger. No one cared about anything other than mashing your controller keys to get your sweet cheeks into the next game.

Then comes Madden, a game for more intense NFL fans who wanted a more realistic experience. A game that is solely marketed for its glitz and glamour. Madden looks cool, feels smooth at first and gets boring very quickly. The more you play Madden the more you realize the gameplay is almost more unrealistic then NFL Street was.

For more evidence of this just watch professional Madden gamers' play in tournaments. Play calling is about as bland as bland gets, pretty much the same formations every play with audibles. Some will disagree, however, the proof is in the pudding. The views for Madden on Twitch are horrible, Madden YouTubers' views are dropping off and even pro tournament views aren't great. The sport of football is the most popular sport in the US, yet it does not even come close to transferring over into the gaming world.

Although we all give EA Madden hoopla for being a cookie cutter game every year, a boring and lazily put together because of lack of effort, they are the only company with the rights to make an NFL game. So we have to work with them the best way we can.

This is why EA needs to merge the two games into one game. Keep Madden as the name but put two different versions of the Madden cover athlete, one as the Madden character and the other breaking through a wall behind himself as an NFL street character. Merge the great gameplay game with boring gameplay game.

Numbers would increase for YouTubers and Twitchers while also bring even more creators into the mix. The more EA helps us Madden content creators the more we will return the favor by bringing them in more gamers which, in turn, brings them more money.

If EA continues the route it is going they will crush the larger YouTubers that cover their game. Forcing these creators to move into a different gaming direction to save their paychecks or die by the storm. When they lose the big creators their game will cease to survive and we will lose the only NFL game we have to play.

This game could be saved but someone from EA is going to have to step up and fight for its survival. Many want Madden to fail so 2K can take over the rights and some even make a living by talking bad about Madden. However, many talk bad about them because they want them to succeed and are mad they aren't. We will see over time if EA has what it takes to save Madden. Madden 20 comes out in only a few months, let's hope it is not another cookie cutter Madden.

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