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The Oklahoma Sooners are currently undefeated and if they stay undefeated it will not be easy to keep them out of the playoff talk. If Alabama and Ohio State win out they will likely get a clear path to the playoffs as well and Cincinnati will likely fall short.

That would make the playoffs a battle between Georgia, Alabama Ohio State, and Oklahoma. However, when you look at Oklahomas full body of work there are many questions that arise, especially when it comes to their defense.

Is OUs Offense Good Enough?

Their offense has also seen their fair share of issues as well and even the Sooners realize this. They benched the supposedly best QB in college football Spencer Rattler. He was rated the best QB at the beginning of the year and that fell short very quickly as the year progressed.

Their New QB is the highly ranked Caleb Williams and he does not seem to be doing much better. He has some upsides compared to Rattler but those upsides are not enough to make that horrible defense play better.

They end up coming close to losing every game and it isn’t like their offense is making it easy on their defense either. Against Kansas, they won the game at the very end and it was a struggle scoring against the 1-5 Kansas defense.

What if OU Played Georgia, Alabama, Or Ohio State?

If it came down to them playing a team like Ohio State, Georgia, or even Alabama they would have a tough time keeping up with them in scoring. OSU for example has the most powerful offense in the FBS and they average 50 points a game.

Oklahoma’s defense is not nearly talented enough to stop an offense like Ohio State for more than a drive or two. If teams like Kansas can put up the numbers they did on OUs defense then the more talented offenses would likely post double that.

Which would put a massive strain on their offense to do more than they are likely capable of. Alabama has shown that they have issues shutting down good offenses and their offense can be stopped.

However, OU is likely not good enough to keep up with Bama for long before their offense would run them down as the quarter role on. Bama would likely be up 20 points at the end of the game.

If they played a defense like Georgia then it would be very bad for OU. The speed of Georgia’s defense would be too much for OU to handle and Georgia’s offense is talented enough to score on OUs poor defense.

OU deserves the respect for going undefeated, with that said, we also need to be realistic with how they would do against the other top teams in the rankings. There are only 4 teams that can go to the playoffs and they should be the best of the best.

OU is one of the best programs in college football, but, we have to face the writing on the wall. OU struggles against okay teams that the other playoffs considered teams would probably dominate.

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