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Phasmophobia is a fun game to play; it is a one-of-a-kind horror game. In this Phasmophobia complete guide, we will be covering the most important Phasmophobia tips and tricks to make sure you are well equipped to investigate easily no matter the difficulty. For example, we will be covering the following FAQs: Phasmophobia how to use crucifix, Phasmophobia how to use smudge sticks, Phasmophobia how to place camera, and much more.

Your Evidence Journal & Ghost Type:

Sometimes, the ghost can be pretty stingy to give you the evidence needed to determine what kind of ghost you are dealing with. Other times, it can be very easy. The first thing you need to do to get the evidence you need is by setting up the ghost room when you find it. You will hear where the ghost makes a step almost immediately upon entering the room. This is where you need to set up the camera(s); tripods are a must need when using a video camera. Simply point one camera in the area where the ghost stepped. Then, you can turn on the spirit box and set it down anywhere in the room and ask “How old are you?” or “Where are you?”. Going further, walk around the room with the EMF then set it down where you heard the ghost step as this is where the ghost is the most active. Based on where you hear the ghost step – typically it is always in the same area – you can place the ghostwriting journal down in that area. You do not have to do everything in this order, this is just a guideline to gather the evidence needed the most efficiently before getting hunted.

Once you have found two things of evidence, you can now narrow down the last items you need to use. This is because when you are on the last item to figure out you can surf through the two to three ghosts it can possibly be. Surf through each item in the third slot and see if it pairs up with one of the remaining ghost types. If one of the possible ghosts requires the last part of the evidence to be freezing temperatures and you haven’t gotten freezing temperatures then you can easily rule that piece of evidence out.

Sanity & Preventing the Ghost From Hunting:

Your sanity is essential, so it would be wise to bring sanity pills with you. This is especially true when you are playing Professional difficulty. When playing Intermediate or Amature difficulty you can get away with not bringing sanity pills. This is because you will get a two-minute buffer period in Intermediate and a five-minute buffer in Amature before your sanity starts dropping like normal.

There are two things that will prevent the ghost from hunting you. The first is sanity pills: If you take one prescription of sanity pills at around 50-60% it will prevent the ghost from hunting. You have two prescriptions of sanity pills you can bring. That being said, we recommend taking one every time you get down to 50-60% sanity. It also means your teammates need to be at above 50-60% sanity, otherwise, the ghost will hunt. The second way to prevent a ghost from hunting is a crucifix. Placing your crucifixes in the right places will prevent the ghost from hunting; twice for each crucifix. You can learn more about how to use a crucifix here.

Tips for When the Ghost Hunts:

One of the scariest things is to get hunted by the ghost when you have no clue what type of ghost it is. This is because it could be a Revenant, which is faster than you are. You could also be facing a Jinn, which will catch up to you extremely fast if you are at a distance. The ghost will typically spawn in the same room it resides in. Below are some tips to avoid death when a ghost hunts:

Phasmophobia Equipment Guide:

The following are tips for some essential pieces of equipment. All of the equipment will only work in the ghost’s room:

  1. Phasmophobia How to Use Spirit Box: The spirit box can work either in your hand or on the ground. “Where are you?” and “How old are you?” are the two questions the ghost really likes to respond to. If the spirit box is not working then turn it off and then turn it back on. This will reset the spirit box. Usually, it works right afterward if the type of ghost utilizes this evidence.
  2. Phasmophobia How to Use EMF: This can be a stubborn one to get to go off. Place one where you hear the ghost stepping. Then place another one on a different side of the room. You can call out the ghost’s name to tick it off in order for the EMF to go off. The EMF can go off right before the ghost will start hunting so make sure you have your crucifix set in the right place.
  3. Phasmophobia How to Use Ghostwriting Journal: Place the journal down where you hear the ghost stepping. The ghost could write in it right away or it may take some time. Where you hear and see the ghost the most active is where you need to place the journal. You can either place it on the ground or on an object in the room, such as a bed. You can take pictures of the ghostwriting journal after it has written in it for photo cash. You can also take another picture of the second journal.
  4. Phasmophobia How to Place Camera: Place the camera facing the ghost’s activity; this could be where you hear the ghost stepping or throwing things. When looking at the live footage, wait for about a minute or so. Orbs can be a bit stubborn so you may have to move around the position of the video cameras.
  5. Phasmophobia How to Use Crucifix: The only way a crucifix will work is by placing it on the ground before the ghost hunts. And it needs to be placed in a three-to-five-meter radius (five-meters for the Banshee) of where the ghost spawns within the room it resides, otherwise, it will have no effect. Place a crucifix down where you hear the ghost stepping. Make sure to place the other crucifix down three-to-five-meters apart. It will prevent the ghost from hunting twice then the crucifix will disappear. We go into a lot more detail here.
  6. Phasmophobia How to Use Salt: Place salt down where you hear the ghost stepping. After the ghost hunts, more than likely the ghost will spawn in a different location within the room it resides. With that being said, you can place salt down in another area of the room. The salt is a great indication of where the ghost may spawn. Where you hear the ghost step along with placing the salt down in that location go hand in hand with where the ghost may spawn. You can also take pictures of the salt after the ghost has stepped in it for extra photo cash. It should show up as Footsteps.
  7. Phasmophobia How to Use UV Light: Check the doors, windows, and light switches within where the ghost resides and you will either see a handprint on the window or door or you will see a fingerprint on the light switch. You will be able to see the prints best with the lights off – including your flashlight – but will work with the lights on. You can also see the footsteps of the ghost when using salt.
  8. Phasmophobia How to Use Motion Sensor: I do not want to sound redundant but I am sure you get the pattern: listen to where the ghost is stepping and place the motion sensor on the wall in that vicinity. Make sure you place it at shin level. This has never failed us in getting the motion sensor to go off.
  9. Phasmophobia How to Use Smudge Sticks: Smudging the room is fun but can be harder the larger the room gets. Again, start where you hear the ghost stepping or other ghostly activity. In a larger room, go about it in an organized pattern. For example, do half of the room going back and forth each time covering the area you didn’t cover already. You have about 10 seconds of the smudge. If it is for an objective, check the objective before starting the second smudge stick.
  10. Phasmophobia How to Use Thermometer: The temperature will be below 55° F or 12° C when you have found where the ghost resides. Or it will immediately be below freezing and you will be able to see your breath. If it is not below freezing then it can gradually drop below 55° F or 12° C to 38° to 47° F or 1° to 9° C if you found the room early enough. The temperature will not be in one place of the room, rather, it will be the entire room. That being said, all you need to do is peek through the door aiming your thermometer in the room. You can also detect a temperature change through walls, however, do not count on this. You always want to be sure. If it is in a hallway or the living room it may get tricky to find where it ends or starts. Simply aim to the ground to find out exactly where it ends.

How to Use the Crucifix in Phasmophobia

The game does not give you a clear tutorial on how to use the crucifix or other items for that matter. Instead, you have to commit to trial and error, which can be frustrating and cost you money, time, and/or your life. You may be here for the objective, “Prevent the ghost from hunting using a crucifix”, or maybe you just do not know exactly where to place the crucifix. Either way, you should always use a crucifix to protect yourself. Nonetheless, your objective when using the crucifix is to prevent the ghost from hunting, not stop the ghost from hunting. Whatever the reason, we have you covered in this complete Phasmophobia crucifix guide. You will learn what you need to do, what not to do, and some “surefire” methods to make sure you are accurately placing the crucifix in the right spot.

How the Crucifix Works in Phasmophobia:

Phasmophobia How to Use Crucifix:

  1. First and foremost, you need to find the room/hallway where the ghost is located.
  2. Then, the ghost will typically spawn within that room and there are telltale signs where the ghost may spawn, which we will go over. For now, keep a mental note of where you are hearing the ghost step. Finding where the ghost is going to spawn is harder the larger the room is. You can learn all about where to find the ghost’s spawn point here as well.
  3. Make sure you bring two crucifixes, however, hold off from placing your crucifixes down at the beginning of the investigation as the ghost may not always show itself with those crucifixes around. By doing this, you made it easier for you to complete an objective of witnessing a ghost event or taking a photo of the ghost; taking a photo of the ghost is also extra cash in your pocket whether it is an objective or not. Instead, wait until you are below 60% sanity, though, the ghost may hunt as high as the upper 70 to lower 80 percentile; we have fallen victim to this phenomena before, whether it was a bug or the ghost just had a bad day, however, below 60% sanity is a great rule of thumb. Instead, worry about finding where the ghost resides within the house and then set up the room to start the first objective.
  4. Once you are below 60% sanity, it is time to place the crucifixes down. Keep in mind the size of the room. If it is a smaller room, such as the utility room, you simply need to place one crucifix down in the center of the room just as long as it covers a 3-meter radius. If it is a smaller room, such as a bathroom in one of the farmhouses, then place each crucifix in the center of either side of the bathroom. With these smaller rooms, you do not need to try and locate the ghost’s spawn point because the crucifixes will cover that entire room.
  5. In all other medium to large-sized rooms or hallways, you need to accurately locate where the ghost will spawn within the room it resides. The most accurate way is to listen to where the ghost steps. Wherever you hear the ghost step, place a crucifix down. Generally, it is in the same location as where the ghost will spawn. Then, you can place the other crucifix down near the one you just placed on the ground but make sure it is 3-5-meters apart.
  6. Another way to increase the accuracy of finding where the ghost is going to spawn is by placing salt on the ground. First, place it on the ground where you heard the ghost step. Then, place salt on the ground in a different area of the room. If the ghost walks into the salt in the other area as well then place a crucifix down there as well. Just make sure that both of the crucifixes are 3-5-meters apart from one another.
  7. You can also add to the accuracy by using an EMF. The EMF will not always go off, however, if you do hear it go off then you can place a crucifix down in that location.
  8. You can also utilize the spirit box to find the ghost’s spawn point to accurately place a crucifix. The spirit box will only go off if it ties into the first objective, however, you can use this to locate where the ghost may spawn nonetheless. Simply ask the ghost, “Where are you”, and the ghost will respond with either “Close”, “Here”, “Behind”, etc. You want it to say “BEHIND” or “HERE” to find where the ghost may spawn. Place a crucifix at your feet at that point.
  9. Another step would be a ghost event in the means of the ghost showing itself for a few seconds. You can place a crucifix down where the ghost showed itself. Typically, that is where the ghost may spawn.

A general rule of thumb is to place one crucifix down where you hear the ghost step. You can then place the second crucifix down by utilizing the salt method or any other method.

What NOT to do with a Crucifix:

Where Does the Ghost Spawn Phasmophobia

Once you have found the room where the ghost resides the next thing on your list may be to find out where it spawns for reasons to Smudge the room and/or lay down the crucifix. The ghost will typically spawn in the same room that it resides in. Finding out where the ghost spawns in Phasmophobia can be tricky; nothing is guaranteed but you have come to the right place.

Phasmophobia How to Find the Ghost’s Room:

The ghost will not spawn in the same spot every time, but the below methods will guide you to find out where the ghost may spawn each time:

Keep in mind that the above key points are not 100% effective. However, it is valuable information to guide you in the right direction. Committing to our methods will help you better pinpoint the ghost’s spawn point instead of just throwing it in the dark and hoping for the best.

We hope this has helped you in your ghost investigations. If you have any questions regarding our tips or something else then please do not hesitate to leave us a comment down below.

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