Player Personnel Pro Guide in Madden 22

August 20, 2021
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Player Personnel Pro Guide in Madden 22

August 20, 2021
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Madden just recently added more than just a head coach. It kind of sounds crazy when we are in Madden 22 and they finally added more than just a head coach. This feels like this is long overdue and something that should have been done 5 Maddens ago. Thankfully, we now have a defensive coordinator, an offensive coordinator, and a Player Personnel.

Each staff can be upgraded to fit how you want your franchise to be run and there are many areas at which you can waste points if you aren’t careful. With the Player Personnel staff member, you need to be wise, which is why we are giving you a pro guide on where to upgrade your player personnel.

Video Tutorial

If you’d prefer the written instructions you can keep reading.

Why is this Going Down the Right Tree Important?

The Player Personnel is a lot more important than you may think because upgrading them correctly can make Madden life much easier on yourself.

There are two different upgrade trees that you can go down so that is what we will break down first. The 1st tree to your left is the Trade Tree. The one to your right is the Contract Tree.

Player Personnel Talent Trees

The trade tree looks really good when first looking at it until you break it down further. The first upgrade is a “5% trade discount on players older than 30”. This is by far one of the most useless packages. Even if Madden gave me this package for free I still wouldn’t care for it.

The reason it is so worthless is that this is basically regression trading. Regression trading is already so easy that them adding on to it is something that will not benefit you. The only area where this could be somewhat beneficial is trading for a 30 plus-year-old QB. However, they already have such high trade value that a 5% gain is really not going to change your situation. This is also a common factor the more you look down this tree line.

What Should you Upgrade in the Player Personnel?

Let’s just break this down with logic and logic alone. What is harder for you, trading or signing contracts? More money is always better because you can bring on more players in the free agency or stop good players from heading to the free agency.

That is why we recommend the 2nd tree which is mainly based upon contracts. Contracts before trading are always so we will recommend because you have so much control of trading than you do of contracts. Focus on the contracts first, then upgrade your defensive coordinator, offensive coordinator, your head coach then you can focus on the trade tree. It should be your last worry.

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