PlayStation Controller or Xbox Controller?

PS4 Controller vs Xbox Controller

We contemplated this topic through many hours of studying, climbing mountains and years of silence in caves asking ourselves the question...who are we?

One controller (PlayStation) is a tiny, slick, smooth design with a touchpad in the middle. The other is bulky which is great for big hands, easy button access and can be used as a weapon if someone breaks into your house. Which one takes the cake of the controller king, the ultimate beast that is the key to perfect gaming?

We ran the test and this is what we found. The PlayStation controller makes the character slightly faster with a little more elusiveness in many situations. It allows the pinky fingers to hang down to protect your inner palms from a sneak attack from the enemy. Quick action triggers that allow you to spam them without them getting stuck so you can lay the hammer down with auto burst if need be. The character tended to think faster and never forgot what the main goal was.

The Xbox controller makes your character more armored and ready to surge forward with your chest up. Dropping the big beast on the ground only gave our character a boost making them that much more intense to take on in solo battle. The cries of our enemies only bolstered our characters as it came through the auxiliary output. The analog sticks gave an extra boost at climbing walls and jumping through firebombs.

Who is the winner you may ask? That question is much harder then you may think it is to answer. We decided to give them a category of excellence so you can decide for yourself.

Firebomb blasts with forearm kick: PS
Moose kick through magic laser: Xbox
Jet climb up impossible glass mountain: PS
Tank bird beak spiral grenade slide: Xbox
Yeti smash cypress knee air attack: PS
Elbow tooth tornado: Xbox

Decide for yourself, the evidence is clear.

If you vote, we would love to know why you think so!

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