Pro Madden 21 Rebuild Tips for Sim/User Play

July 30, 2021
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Pro Madden 21 Rebuild Tips for Sim/User Play

July 30, 2021
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We are going to cover some pro Madden rebuild tips both for Madden 21 simulation and Madden 21 user play. To perfect a rebuild you need to first realize that you will never be perfect. Instead, what you need to perfect is how you handle and overcome negative situations. The end goal is to always have another plan; that is to be a professional problem solver. The one who wins in the end never plays favorites, no matter how much they like the player. And always remember that contracts win championships.

Run your Franchise Like a Bidness: Running your franchise like a business is not easy, but it will get easier over time with practice. Most people who play Madden play it as a fan, which causes them to make bad decisions over time. They pay someone too much or trade the house for a certain player because they have that fan mindset. The player’s name should be irrelevant, think of every player the same way as you would think of CPU-generated players. I’ll trade J.J. Watt just as fast as I would trade Joey Noname if the price is right. If the contract doesn’t or eventually will not make sense for my team that means a trade is the only thing that makes sense moving forward. Be willing to strike deals and be greedy with your trades and contract negotiations.

Contracts Win Championships: They say defenses win you championships but, at the end of it all, good contracts are what puts the best on the field. Never just give away money because you are desperate. Always be smart and understand the system. Players get hit by regression around age 29 or older and it only happens at the end of the year. If you know you have a player who is about to get hit by regression do not sign him during the year before his regression kicks in. Sign him right after his regression sets in after the Super Bowl during your last time to sign players before free agency.

In Madden, contract values are based upon overalls, not performances. A RB could rush for 4k yards in one season and that wouldn’t change the value of the player. Eventually, their performance will lead to a higher overall if they are good but performance is not even discussed in contract negotiations. That is why we also suggest you spend money on the best player for the job and not the player with the highest overall. There are many ratings in Madden that are fluff and do nothing except make the player more expensive. O-Linemen needs strength in real life to be successful but in Madden, they do not. We tested the strength rating and we found zero evidence that it does anything in either the pass or run game. Their other run and pass blocking rating seem to decide whether the lineman is good or not. No need to pay 35 million more for a rating that does nothing if you can avoid it.

Be wise about not wasting funds on ratings in user play that will not help you such as awareness or ball carry vision for your QB or RB. The only awareness that matters in user play is the awareness of who controls the sticks. Be more strict with your user player’s contract than you are with the CPU-controlled players. I’ll pay an 0lineman more money than I will pay my QB if I am user playing. Contracts are extremely important to get right.

Backups are the ones you really have to get right. If your starting QB rarely gets injured then there is no need to pay for a 3rd string. QBs are the most expensive and a backup who will never play can run you 5 mill. The 3rd stringer can run you $2+ million and he is almost guaranteed to never see the field. Unless you play like a doofus and somehow injury your QBs all the time. Carry only two QBs and if your starter gets hurt then pick one up on free agency after the game. Cut your weight in gold in every way you can. The GM with the most money has the loudest voice when push comes to shove in the free agency.

Brush up on our contract tips to give yourself the upper hand against other Madden players. Who knows, this just might be the time you impress your girlfriend.

Constantly be Looking to Improve the Team: Always be monitoring your stats or in-game performance to see what player and where you need to improve. Let’s say you are doing simulation and you have a great offensive line with a good scheme but your HB only gets 900 yards each year or always gets injured. Regardless of what his overall is you should be looking to trade and replace him. If you are not in simulation, you should be watching for who is lacking that you are not user playing with. Look at instant replays on plays you get beat and find the problem. There is only one player you can play as so the other 10 need to pull their weight. If they do not be quick with figuring out a solution.

For certain positions, it can be as simple as moving him to a position where the player will have better production. This goes for defensive players more than offensive players. Cornerbacks can be moved to safeties, safeties to linebackers, linebackers to ends, and ends to tackles. On the offensive side of the ball, it is a little bit more set in stone compared to defense. If your QB is a problem there is probably no better spot for him. Cutting or trading him will be in your future just make sure the contract permits it, as in you won’t take too big of a cap hit.

Halfbacks are the same for the most part unless you move them to FB or if somehow they can be good at WR. Which is doubtful and probably a bad idea. Wide receivers are the wagyu beef of the Madden realm. They can be moved to HB which usually they are better HBs than most HBs in the game. Offensive linemen can work all over the line much like they can in the NFL. Just make sure if they play at tackle that they have decent pass block. God once said that those who do not protect their QB should be forced to skip everywhere they go, even if it is short distances. If you do not feel someone is working out it is time to trade them.

Always Look to Make Smart Trades: The keyword in this is smart trading. Trade players away before their contracts expire if you do not plan on signing them or if you feel you will not have enough money to sign them. Always remember you can trade yourself out of any bad situation even if you are in an all-user league. If you are just against the CPU you could trade for anybody and everybody with our Trade Tips and Players to trade for list. Watch your cap penalties when trading, don’t trade away players without knowing how much debt you will create. If you are trading with a real person make sure you are considering CSP trading, which is contract supplemental picks. If you are trading with another person and you are going to take a cap hit you need to split that hit with the person you are trading with. That might be adding on another player or pick to help you benefit from taking the cap penalty you are about to take. Don’t just trade overalls, trade with contracts in mind as well.

Draft Less and Trade More: Drafting less and trading more will always be the smarter way. Drafting is gambling no matter how good you think you are at it, you can never be good enough. In Madden, you have no idea if the player you are about to draft is injury prone or has no stamina whatsoever. Madden does a horrible job with the draft in Franchise mode. This year hidden developments are broken, the combined scores equate to low ratings. A player can have a 4.27 40 yard dash and be a 93 speed. There are so many things wrong with the draft it is easier and more rewarding if you let others draft and gamble while you just trade for the sure thing. Every player you draft you will owe their signing bonus and there is no way out of it. So let others gamble their money away, heavy drafters tend to hurt on cap room over time.


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