Property Brothers Home Design Review and Tip

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I am going to write as I play in order to give you true review.

I was slightly confused at the fact that they had me play a form of Candy Crush to earn money. Kind of weird and it makes me wonder if they know their game is boring so they are trying to spice it up. It is not a good sign when a game has a lot of mini games. As of this second I am a little worried this game will pan out to be rubbish.

The game is slightly laggy which could be my tablet or just the game. I am not thrilled with this game so far, however, it is making me rethink my current home design. Maybe I am not the best person to play this game.

Again, they are really pushing the Candy Crush, it is not just a mini game it IS THE GAME. Dear Lord, I go to put in a lamp and have to play the Candy Crush side of it because I don't have enough coins...real original.

I am not seeing the connection between these two games that they mixed into one. Were these two brothers Playing a Candy Crush style game in order to decide what lamp to pick up? I wanted to get my decorative side on but, instead, I'm mainly playing the crush. If this keeps going like this I am going to have to give this game a crappy review.

Not to sound like a broken record but this is just a different Candy Crush knock off that is trying to get big by using the tower twins, Drew and Jonathan. You mainly do the crush and get to design on the side. The designing is the mini game in this app.

Here is the only tip we can give:
Be good at Candy Crush style of games and you are golden.

Overall Review: 2.5/10

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