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PS4 Iimited Edition Gran Turismo Sport Console Includes the Game

Limited Edition Gran Turismo Sport Console:

It has been announced by Polyphony Digital and Sony ladies and gentleman. The new 1TB Limited Edition Gran Turismo Sport Console for PS4 will launch on October 18, 2017 as a celebratory release of Gran Turismo sport. This will be for New Zealand, the UK, Australia, and Europe. The pictures below shows what it looks like.

BundleLimited Edition ConsoleLimited Edition Controller

Here is what it comes with:

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  • DualShock wireless controller with Gran Turismo Sport logo
  • Day One edition of Gran Turismo Sport
  • $250,000 worth in-game credits
  • Chrome racing helmet
  • Sticker packs

Moreover, Polyphony Digital is releasing the limited edition controller that’s included in the bundle as a standalone. So if you do not like the looks of that console, then you can purchase a different console with that controller.

Enjoy the Gran Turismo Sport Console trailer below:

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