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PS4 PlayLink:

The Playstation PlayLink allows players to connect their Android/iOS devices to their PS4 and play multiplayer games instead of needing multiple controllers. The PlayLink is meant to be used as a party game and most of the games currently offered need at least 2 people to play. Some games are 2-6 players and some even range 2-8 players. The game “That’s You!” is a quiz game that’s intended to get a little personal and reveal how you really feel about your friends. There is also a narrative adventure game, competitive mini games, a trivia game, and even karaoke. PS Plus members will be able to download “That’s You!” free on July 4th. Hopefully you have some storage available on your phone or tablet you intend to play on as the PlayLink requires an app to connect to your system. Also, the Karaoke game has a downloadable mic app for your phone in case you don’t already own one. Android and iOS devices can play against one another as long as all devices are connected to the same wifi connection.

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