Rat Race 2 Game Walkthrough – Game Guide

June 28, 2021
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Rat Race 2 Game Walkthrough – Game Guide

June 28, 2021
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This is a Rat Race 2 game guide and Rat Race 2 game walkthrough. You will learn about the general tips when playing Rat Race 2 and how to beat each level. If you are struggling on a level or have questions then please let us know in the comments below and we will do our best to help you out.

Rat Race 2 General Guide:

  1. You have to always make sure you know what is required to beat the game by checking the Progress tab. The progress tab is your insight into everything in regards to liabilities to cash flow and everything in between.
  2. Check your Statement to see your cash flow so you can keep better track of where you’re at and where you need to be.
  3. Make sure to withdraw your money in your assets before you can finish the game. This is important because, if you don’t, you will need to restart that level.
  4. Use Fixed Deposits only when you need to increase your monthly income.

Stock Market Tips:

  • Choose the best news for one company in the stock market. We only invest in one company at a time as this will make you more money.
  • The news will be up and down so keep pulling out and reinvesting wherever the news takes you.
  • When investing, pay attention to the price of the stock. If there are two companies that have good news then invest in the one that has the lowest stock price.
  • Keep your money in the same stock when there is no news at all and if there is good news.

Rat Race 2 Level 1: The Rich Engineer

Month 1:

  • Invest $1235 of US money in Mutual Funds (SIP).
  • Invest your remaining balance of $1248 in Mutual Funds (Lump-Sum).

Month 12:

  • Your total Mutual Funds (SIP) return will be $13,531.57, which is a 9.57% growth.
  • At month 12, withdraw both your Mutual Funds (Lump-Sum) and SIP. In the end, you will have a total of $16,133.98 and your liabilities will be paid off.

Rat Race 2 Level 2: The Middle Class Worker

You have to pay off your liability and have an ending balance of $13,000. Your liability is $10,400 with 10% interest.

The Safe Way:

To complete the level, put $299 into a Mutual Funds (SIP). Then invest the $305 you have remaining in the Stock Market. Make sure to always read the news before investing in a company. It will take about 42 months to complete this level using the SIP.

Best Way:

Only investing in stocks is the fastest way in terms of months. However, it is a little riskier. Make sure to read the news then invest in one company at a time that has good news. Read the guide above to learn more. It will take around 22 months to complete.

Rat Race 2 Level 3: The Dentist

Month 1:

  • Deposit $560 in the Mutual Funds (SIP) then put the remaining balance of $573 into the Mutual Funds (Lump-Sum).

Remaining Months:

  • Then head to month 26, withdraw both assets and pay off your debt.
  • Put the remaining balance into a Fixed Deposit (FD).
  • Advance to month 27 and “Finish Game”.

Rat Race 2 Level 4: The Struggling Journalist

In month 4 you are negative $18.43. You need to make that money up by investing in the Stock Market. Check our Stock Market Tips in the General Guide above. You will be able to beat this level by 24 and above.

Rat Race 2 Level 5: The Poor Developer

Put in $134 in Mutual Funds (SIP) and then your remaining balance in a Mutual Funds (Lump Sum). You need to wait until you have enough money to pay off your debt with the Lump Sum, then save up $7,800 to complete the level.

Do not pull out the SIP until you have enough to cover the balance needed to beat the level and pay off your debts.

Rat Race 2 Level 6: The Charted Accountant

Since you are negative when starting out, you need to put all of your time and effort into the Stock Market in order to successfully complete this level. You will be able to pay off that debt fairly quickly, nonetheless. Once you pay off that debt then continue to invest in the Stock Market until you’re able to pay off your loan and save up $13,000 to finish the game. You should be able to finish this level in Month 16 or higher. You can see our Stock Market Tips listed in the General Tips section of this page for more information.

Rat Race 2 Level 7: The Reckless Engineer

Rat Race 2 Level 7 Walkthrough
  1. The first thing that you will want to do is to collect all of your money, after you pay off your bills you will be sitting with $670.38.
  2. Next, you will want to pay off your X-Watch loan. It is $595.83. The reason you are paying it off now because you want to increase your monthly earnings for you to have more money to spend in a mutual fund SIP.
  3. After you paid off the loan you will now have a monthly cashflow of $69.13. Put $69 into a mutual fund SIP. You will not touch this money until the end of the game. You will have a remainder of $74.53, put that money into a mutual fund Lump-Sum.
  4. As you advance through the months you will earn around $5 a month. The reason you are making this $5 is because the loan comes out at the end of each year. For example it will come out month 12, then month 24, and so on and so forth.
  5. Advance to month 6, you will have $27.72, put that into a mutual fund Lump-Sum. After you have done that advance to month 12.
  6. At month 12 you will only have $612.72. Withdraw your $27.27, with interest you will be at $28.30. Withdraw you $74.53 Lump-Sum. With interest it will be at $79.05. Pay off your bill, you will have $75.61 left. Put that back into a mutual fund Lump-Sum. Advance to Month 18.
  7. Once at month 18 you will have $33.26, place that amount in a mutual fund Lump-Sum. Advance to month 24.
  8. When you reach month 24 you will need to pull out the $33.26 in your mutual fund Lump-Sum. You will be sitting at $647.40, pay off your bill and you will be left with $3.09. You will now have $88 of extra cashflow each month. Put that $88 into a mutual fund SIP. After doing that you will have $97.12, put that in a mutual fund Lump-Sum. Advance to month 36 and save the small amount you earn each month to pay off your yearly debt. You will continue this proces until month 56.
  9. At Month 56 Withdraw all your money pay off your debt/loan and finish the game.

Rat Race 2 Level 8: The Lottery Winner

The big that you need to take advantage of and that is the stock market. You need to pay off your debt and save up $32,500. Which won’t be that hard to accomplish when you have the stock market on your side. You will have $6500 to put into stocks and we recommend putting all of it in. Make sure to watch the news to see what stocks are increasing. If there are two stocks that have positive information on them then choose the stock that is at its lowest price. If you have a stock with good news but it is already on a high that stock won’t nearly be as valuable as a stock that is at its record low. We finished at month 23, all it takes is one big stock.

Rat Race 2 Level 9: The Cautious Nurse

  1. Put $193 in a Mutual Fund SIP. Put the remainding amount of $778.102 into a Mutual Fund Lump-Sum.
  2. Advance to month 58, withdraw all of your money, pay off your loan/debt, and finish the game. Make sure you have $13 left over in order to win the game.

Rat Race 2 Level 10: The Jobless Guy

Rat Race 2 Level 10: The Jobless Guy
  1. The jobless guy makes -$974.34 and you start out with $64k so you will have to be smart with your money. However, $64k is plenty enough money to get you to the promised land.
  2. We paid off all of our debt right away then invested the rest into the stock market. You will only be negative $130 a month so pull out enough to pay off your debt then continue to invest into the stock market.
  3. We finished at month 20 with $807,369.30

Rat Race 2: Get Rich

Level 1: The Passionate Doctor

Rat Race 2, Level 1 of Get Rich, the Passionate Doctor
  1. Collect your funds and pay off your debt, you will be left with $1,965. Put that amount into a mutual fund Lump-Sum. Next, put $1,950 into a mutual fund SIP. You need to save up a $130k as a down payment for a small hospital.
  2. Advance to month 60. At month 60 pull out all of your money from your mutual fund SIP and Lump-Sum and use that money as a down payment for the small hospital.
  3. Once you have obtained the Small Hospital you will have a monthly positive income of $5,478. Which you will want to put that money into a mutual fund SIP. You will have a remaining b alance of $39k and some change, put all of that into a mutual fund Lump-Sum.
  4. Advance to month 108. At month 108 pull out all of your money from the mutual funds, pay off your loan. You will have 130k left which is the exact amount that you need to have in your bank account and to finish the game.

Level 2: The Pilot

Rat Race 2, Get Rich Level 2: The Pilot
  1. The stock market is the name of the game for this level. Your goal is to make over $52k on the stock market before week 12 for a down payment on a flower shop. Make sure to read the news and invest all your money into one stock at a time. there are only 4 stocks you can invest into so diversifying your portfolio is worthless.
  2. By month 24 you should have enough to pay off the apartment building loan or be close to it from your gains from the stock market. Once you pay off your loan you will be making $17k a month. Once you pay off the loan you will be making enough to finish the game.

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