Real Einstein’s Riddle Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Review

T4G Triple Diamond Award (2nd Highest Award)

We at would like to congratulate Real Einstein Riddle on winning our T4G Triple Diamond Award! To win our 2nd highest award you better bring the heat and Rottz Games brought that and some. This game will be played for the rest of our lives.

How the Game Works:

Einstein's Riddle is a game of speed and precision. If you want to pass each level, you cannot make any mistakes and you will be timed. The goal is to match each icon that is supposed to go together in the vertical rows. Each icon is linked to another list of icons and your goal is to get them in the right order. Once you get all the icons linked into the right rows you complete that level.

How to Complete Levels Quicker:

For each riddle, you need to figure out what icon goes with what. However, reading these riddles waste a lot of time and you really don't need to read anything. One of two things happen for each clue, an icon either goes with the other icon or it does not.

For example, the clue will say "the cowboy drinks water". That tells you that the cowboy hat goes with the glass of water. This is a positive clue, therefore, the background of the icons will show up green, meaning they will go together.

The clue might instead say "the cowboy doesn't drink water", which would mean it is a negative clue because they do not go together. The background of the two mentioned icons will show up in red if the clue is a negative.

What you want to watch out for is the two icons and the background colors instead of reading the clue. You will breeze through it much quicker and need less thinking. You will know much quicker if they go together or if they do not.

Choosing a Starting Point:

Once you move on from the easy and medium difficulty to the hard difficulty you will have to choose your own starting point. This makes things considerably harder but still not ridiculously hard. You can scroll through and guess which one you think will be the best row to start with, however, you could be wasting time and confuse yourself in the future.

The only difference when advancing to a harder difficulty is the addition to more rows. This makes things more confusing. It feels as if you could have more rows than your screen can fit. Play it safe when you have too many rows and start from the first row and work your way down. The reason you should do this is the fact that it is easier to remember your place if you happen to struggle with that level. You putting way too much stress on yourself to remember every row you already did and may cause you to repeat failure.

Be Fast Just not Sloppy Fast:

When you start to get really good at this game you will end up getting really quick, which is good. However, some people will get sloppy while trying to be too quick. Like my Marine brother always says, "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast". Be quick but pay attention. The last thing you want is to think the row that will complete the level is the wrong row and wast your time with non-winning rows.

If You Just Can't Pass a Certain Level:

Don't worry, everyone who has played this has come across this at some point in time. If this happens and you went through every row then restart from row one and work your way down to cover your bases in case you made a mistake.

You can Cheat the Game:

Cheating Einstein's Riddle isn't as hard as you think. Get as far as you can on the level you are having trouble on then take a screenshot. Afterward, fill in the icons you know that go together by using the screenshot you took as a guide.

Einstein's Riddle Review:

Einstein Riddle is a very fun game and a great time killer if you are looking for that. There is not a lot of bells and whistles to it just a good idea and good developing to make the game a joy. Thus far they have not crushed their game by having ads every 2 seconds. It is a game you will always come back to due to it being a joy.


  1. I just downloaded this game, I imagine I am going to like it. I actually like what you said about not having to read the actual riddles, instead go by colors. When it comes to a timed game cutting out the silly stuff makes the world of difference.