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RiME Review:

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RiME was very exciting to get into. There was so much mystery surrounding the game in the beginning, such as why did I wash up on this island, where is this island, what am I doing here, etc.. With that being said, you start out not knowing anything, and you just about stay that way for the majority of the time. The island is beautiful with great contrast and a soundtrack that is filled with emotion. This would be a soundtrack to listen to outside of playing Rime.

The graphics were not great and the movement of the characters in the game was nothing amazing. The characters in the game did not move fluidly, and your character was tough to control at times. Furthermore, RiME was not too long and was not too short, but we did not give it a bonus for that. About a quarter through the game some of you will understand what is going on in the game, and you will probably wonder where they are going with it. Unfortunately, the game just missed the mark on areas they could have excelled in. They were creative in their own with how beautiful and unique Tequila Works made the island. However, the puzzles in RiME were a bit derivative. We felt as if we have done these puzzles before.

All in all, RiME is a great idea that could have blown gamers out of their gaming chair if they did more with the storyline. The puzzles and beauty of the island are probably the best parts of the game, however, the puzzles are not hard to complete. RiME was not terrible but it was not good either. We would not recommend purchasing this game.

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