Save Millions with Practice Squad Players In Madden 21

July 26, 2021
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Save Millions with Practice Squad Players In Madden 21

July 26, 2021
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We never want any franchise player to ever struggle with contracts, this is why we have changed how most franchise players sign contracts. It saddens us when there are still gamers who have to turn the salary cap off in their league because they are afraid of them. We will eventually end this trend in the Madden community and make franchise mode great again even if Madden doesn’t want to help us.

The method that we want to talk about is s great method that will save you millions of dollars that can be spent on upgrading your starters. This method we call Practice Squad Farming (PSF) and will change how you run your franchise. Always remember that contracts win you championships and 1st stringers are not your main focus. The only way to sign great first-stringers is if you have a good backup unit that is signed to great deals. Always focus on signing backup players first so you know how much you can spend on high-end starters. The one with the most amount of money during the offseason signing period is the one with the biggest voice. The one with the biggest voice tends to be the one who wins at the end if they know what they are doing of course.

So let’s make contracts a little easier for you all and show you our PSF method. Practice Squad Farming is something you can do every year and it is as easy as blinking your dang eyeball lids. To get the most out of this method it should be done during week 4 of the preseason. This is when you are allowed to sign practice squad players and there is no point in being late to the party.

During week 4 of the preseason, you will want to head to the free agency and filter it to “Practice Squad Eligible”. To do this all you have to do is hold down your right trigger on your controller and scroll down. Every team is allowed to sign 10 practice squad players and they do not have to be just free agency players. They can also be players on your team that are less than 3-year pros. Just be careful you aren’t doing it with rooks who you owe a large signing bonus.

Sign players in the free agency that are decent at their position and spread it out because these players are going to be backups on your team for the next 2 years. Like we said previously, each team gets 10 so that is a fair amount of backups. What will happen is at the end of your season before the free agency signing period all of your practice squad players will join the main team. The CPU does this to prep for the preseason 75- man roster. However, the only difference is they will still be locked into practice squad salaries for the next 2 years.

Look to sign young players with decent overalls. The younger they are the more you can invest in them over the years. When they come upon contracts there is a good chance you will still be able to sign them cheap. To help with this make sure you are upgrading your coach. Back-up QBs are great to do this with because QBs are your most expensive assets to the team and that includes backups. If you get good at this all of your backups will be signed to insanely low deals giving you the ability to put more money into high-end starters. They will also not have any signing bonus which means you can cut or trade them at any time without penalty.

Some of these players you may even want to try and sign because you upgraded them enough to make a difference on your team. Every year make sure you are keeping the farm running by bringing in good practice squad players. Remember, Don’t Just Play The Game…Own The Game!


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