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If you have never used the Madden 21 practice squad then you will after you learn our secret practice squad method. Getting a team to a high overall is not the problem; keeping a team to a high overall is. However, with our help, you will not only be able to trade for the elite players in the league you will also be able to sign them as well for incredibly cheap contracts. We have shown the Madden community how to do many different contract cheats to keep high overall players and we aren’t stopping there.

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During week 4 of the preseason, you are allowed to sign players to your practice squad. The requirements to sign a player to your practice squad are simple as they have to be less than a 3-year pro. Nothing less, nothing more. What does that mean for you? That means that you can use our Madden 21 trade methods to trade for 2-year pros and sign these players to your practice squad. Most of you are going to wonder why someone would want to do that and the answer is simple. Once a player is put on the practice squad then signed back on to the team from the practice squad his value changes drastically in the CPU’s mind and his contract resets. When the re-signing period hits at the end of the year you will have to re-sign these players.

The player, regardless of overall, will now be less valuable when he is up for a contract at the end of the year. To a point that would shock you. For example, I can trade for D. Allen, a DT for the Washington Football Team, for two WRs showing green interest and a late-round pick or backup HB. He is a 92 overall in updated rosters and is a 2-year pro. So, by definition, he can go on our practice squad. This can also be done with many other players as well. Now, why would you want to put a guy like Allen on the practice squad just to re-sign him again?

Like we mentioned previously, it lowers the player’s value by a tremendous amount when the player comes up on a new contract at the end of the year. It won’t change the player at all besides his contract worth. When the end of the year comes and these players want to negotiate for a new contract you can offer them a 550k salary with no signing bonus for 7 years and they will accept it. This can be done with any elite 2- year pro in all of Madden. We have done this for Henry Ruggs, Lamar Jackson, Chase Young, Nick Bosa, Quenton Nelson, Hollywood Brown, Devin White – MLB on the Bucs -, and many other amazing players.

VERY IMPORTANT! If you are planning on doing this for any player that requires the SAR, the player will be on the free agency. When you go to pick them up on the free agency it is very important that you sign them to your practice squad first then sign them to your team. If you don’t do that you will have to pay the same player twice and you will run out of cap space which will not allow you to do this method.

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