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Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution Review

Civilization Revolution Review:

Civilization Revolution (Civ) is a strategy packed game that gives you full control of a wide range of different countries. There are multiple different game modes along with game difficulties. No matter the mode, the goal is always the same: be the best country.


Civ is one of the only games that a single game can last 6 hours and still be fun. Gamers who are strategy lovers will find this game to be one of their favorites. The hardest game mode is Deity, which will put any skilled gamer to the test. Civ is extremely fun to play either by yourself or with friends.

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Civ has 90’s graphics and sometimes games can drag on. When you lose two tanks or heavy attack units you are guaranteed to lose that battle, which can be frustrating.


Civ can be very addicting and is well worth the money. It may be hard to play at first but you should be fine if you look over our Civ Game Guide.

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