Six Trade Slots for Madden 23 Franchise Mode?

June 30, 2022
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Six Trade Slots for Madden 23 Franchise Mode?

June 30, 2022
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Electronic Arts (EA) has promised us big changes for Madden 23 Franchise Mode, and one of the big changes that we will likely see in the near future is more trading slots. However, how many trade slots they will increase to is up for debate.

There are multiple sports games out there that have more than three trade slots in their franchise mode. This is common practice for most simply because it is realistic.

Furthermore, Madden is stuck in the Stone Age with having us only be able to trade three players or picks for three of the same. That said, trading in Madden has felt like some shady Walmart parking lot deal that you have to bring friends with you so you don’t get jacked.

Madden has had that kind of random Craigslist guy feel where he texts you, “I promise I won’t rob you” when talking about buying your old lawn mower with how their trading has been. However, we believe they will make this change in the near future.

EA has said before that they want to make a better trade logic, which is understandable. No matter how good the trade logic is, if we want realism in trading then we need more trade slots.

Video Discussion:

Why Are More Trade Slots Realistic?

The Russell Wilson trade is a great example of why we need more trade slots. Imagine if the Broncos only had three options as to what they could offer the Seahawks in order to trade for Wilson?

The Broncos would end up being like us in Madden and try to do the SAR for him or SAT and the Seahawks would probably be extremely confused. The Seahawks would ask the Broncos, “Why do you keep trading us three crappy QBs for 7th round picks”?

With us only having three trade slots to do business it puts the user even in the case of user and user trades at a disadvantage. Instead of giving one or two good trade options and four or five fillers for a great player we have to make up that gap with three great options instead.

This causes players to have to make another trade after the trade was finalized just to give up more picks or players to said player in order to give them a fair offer.

No team gives up three of their best players for one great player like we have to do in Madden unless you are Bill O’Brien.

How Many Trade Slots will be Realistic?

Six or seven trade slots will be the most realistic when we use history as a guide. History is very important; it is why humans have become so smart.

“Hey, Jimmy, don’t eat that grass. That’s how Johnny died.” – some wall somewhere.

Why Has Madden Not Already Implemented This in The Game Before?

The answer is very simple: they had too many issues with their trade logic. Their trade logic has been crappy business.

Almost as bad as the gym bathroom yesterday where is smelt like something died than they crapped on it. It smelled like a protein power bomb.

Once they feel that they have a true balance on their trade logic we will likely see an increase to trade slots.

This excites us and we can’t wait to write up some athletic content on this matter in the future.

What are your thoughts on how many trade slots you would like to see implented in Madden 23 Franchise Mode?


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