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April 29, 2021
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Stay up to date and follow us on Google News - Google News Publication Tips, and Tricks, Complete Guide Quick Review: is a great game to play when you need to kill some time or want to enjoy a little gaming. The graphics are ok and the movement is tough at times so this is why we do not rank it as high as some other games. This game is similar to Little Big Snake (LBS) but with some big differences. If you have played LBS you will understand the basics of this game. Overall, we think this is a decent game that kills a lot of time if you are bored.

How to Play With Friends in
If you want to play with friends the best way to do this is by joining a lobby at the same time then checking to see if you both see the same top 10 players. Even if you die there is a good chance you can get back in the same lobby eventually.

How to Get in the Top 10 in
This is the secret, and it is a big one… take your time. The only way being super aggressive works is when you are super skilled with the controls and your decision-making. This will come in time but play smart, not angry. is meant to be played as the long-run kind of game, not short and fast. Play defense and look for opportunity instead of trying to be Spartan 300 out there. Everyone’s time comes to roost, regardless of talent. Just try and do your best to die on your terms, those terms are being as big as you can possibly be and not dying over a stupid move. Dying because you had no other choice.

How to Get Massive Quickly in
The best way to get big quickly is to keep eating all the time, nothing is too small. The other thing you want to do is to encourage others to attack you while you play perfect defense. It will take time to perfect this but when you do you will get big quickly. What you want to do is to find others and get up close to them but not too close. The goal is to get them to speed up and turn into you. It is almost as if you are acting as an easy target and they cannot help themselves. is a slow strategic game that many try to rush which gets them killed.

Get parallel with them and wait for the moment they plan to attack. What you will see is they will speed up and try to turn into you and right before they go to turn into you that is when you will speed up. Do not try and turn away from it unless the angle you have is really bad and if that is the case trust your judgment. There are many times I get a lot of kills from them doing it willingly. The top snakes are the ones that do not try and rush but take what comes to them. Eventually, you will get to a point that you can start circling other snakes and baiting them in.

How to Use Cheat Codes in
If you want to use cheat codes you will want to use their mobile version. If you go to their website you will not have an option to use cheat codes. If you are on a PC then you can download BlueStacks and from there you will be able to download mobile apps. We use BlueStacks and have not had any issues with them so far, if that changes we will update our recommendation.

When to Circle Others:
The best time to circle other snakes is when you are big enough. Do not rush this, if you are draining yourself just to try and get a snake circled and your success rate is below 50% then you are not profiting from your strategy. Try and put yourself in situations where you are putting snakes in your circle, snakes are very aggressive in this game so take advantage of it. Many will try and stay by your head so lead them back into the middle of your trap with your head then turn out of it and close them off.

When there is food in the area expect others to recklessly rush in to get it. When a snake dies in a sea of snakes others will die just trying to get the food. Encourage this behavior by not eat all of the food but instead circling the food. Believe it or not, snakes will be gitty to rush into your trap. Take advantage of easy meals, they will always present themselves.

Don’t Rush in for Kills:
Rushing in to feed on a dead snake is what you have to do in order to get big but it needs to be done carefully. Carefully means going in and preparing yourself to turn out of danger because chances are you aren’t the only one trying to feed on that same snake. Don’t hit head-on-head with another snake because you are reckless. Most of the time you can feed turn out of danger and wait for other snakes to collide and then you can eat their bodies too.


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