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Sonic Mania When is Sonic Mania going to be released for PC what freebie is Sega offering for PC
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Sonic Mania Delayed for PC but fans get a Freebie from SEGA

Sonic Mania PC Version Delayed:

Today, during Sega’s livestream, they had shared that the PC version is going to be delayed due to “more optimization,” so it has been pushed back for about two weeks, August 29, 2017. However, they’re still rolling it out on the Xbox One, PS4, and Switch Tuesday, August 15, 2017.

Sonic Community Manager, Aaron Webber stated, “The team is working really hard to make sure it works on all platforms and on a lot of things to touch it up.” For fans this is like getting Christmas delayed, but at least they’re fixing it as well as making things right.

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Moreover, Sonic Mania is one of two of the Sonic series and is the last 2D Sonic game, then the second Sonic game will be 3D due to release later this year.

Making up for the Delay:

Sega has offered fans a freebie for the delayed release. This freebie will be free Steam copies of the original Sonic the Hedgehog. This freebie will be available to those who pre-order the game by August 15, which unlocks Sonic 1 then by August 29 PC gamers will get the Mania version.

Check out the Sonic Mania pre-order trailer below:

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