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Space Toads Mayhem Steam pricing confirmed

Chetwynd Aston (UK), November 13th 2018: LimeVibe Games is delighted to announce the Steam price for a hectic, retro-flavoured shoot ‘em up, Space Toads Mayhem.

The game is set to release on Steam on the 20th November 2018, for both Mac and Windows – and all discerning shoot ‘em up connoisseurs will be able to attempt ridding The Galaxy of the treacherous creatures for a mere $3.99 USD (or £2.89 for those in Britain). Players can also expect a nice 15% launch discount.
Select game’s features:

  • Dodge ’em up style gameplay: constant, skillful player movement is required in order to survive at later stages. Anticipation and skill are key as the player’s spaceship is often not fast enough to twitch out of trouble at the very last moment.


  • Enemies with a bit of personality: simple emotional states are implemented which affect how enemies behave. For example, each of the enemies chooses to attack the player at a different point in time since being spawned.


  • Epic Powerups: Mega Death Sun and Vicious Red Hole are among those making easy work of the incoming hordes.


  • Chance for a good drop mechanic: as the player progresses through the level and the difficulty increases, good powerups are harder to find and nasty traps start to appear.


  • Arcade-style, challenging action: Due to a degree of unpredictability in enemy behaviour and randomised gameplay elements, it is not possible to truly learn any levels by heart – therefore the player needs to stay focused all the way through every single time

Press, streamers and YouTubers alike are encouraged to ping @SpaceToadsGame on Twitter with a link to their website / channel for a chance to get some free review codes.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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About LimeVibe Games

LimeVibe Games is a one-man gamedev studio formed by a Shropshire-based (UK) developer & artist Lukasz Snopkiewicz.

Always accompanied by his epic dogs Toby & Sally, he aims to deliver high quality retro-inspired entertainment for the discerning indie games connoisseur.

[This is an unedited press release made available courtesy of Tips 4 Gamers and its partnership with noteworthy game PR-related resource Games Press. This press release is from LimeVibe Games. Check out more press releases here: Press Releases.]

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