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Splash Wars – glow space strategy game, developed by Fat Hill Games – strategy and puzzle games, is not only a strategy game but is also based on a bit of luck. Nonetheless, it is fun and very addicting. They also give you options to make the gameplay harder. However, do not get overwhelmed because we have the best strategy out there for you to succeed. One thing to note is there is one cell color that dominates every other cell every time. Once you recognize that enemy cell’s pattern, you can go after that enemy cell. However, if you change course then there will be another cell color that will end up taking over instead. We will go over how to combat that and adapt to every situation.

Splash Wars Review

Precisely Crafted

A game so addicting it is almost impossible to put down! Fat Hill Games created an almost perfect game with customizations for any skilled gamer.



Table of Contents:

  1. Quick Review
  2. Beginner’s Guide
  3. Pro Tips, Tricks, & Cheats

T4G’s Quick Review:

Overall, this game is a great game for killing time and is very addicting. We would highly recommend this game to play as you will end up coming back to it time after time and the ads are not annoying nor are there any annoying popups.

Beginners Guide:

Below are tips that everyone needs to know when starting out:

Pro Tips, Tricks, & Cheats:

1. Restart your game if you are not getting the right look. For example, if you are next to an enemy cell, dual-mode or not, and that enemy cell attacks you first then keep restarting the match until it does not. You will most likely see an ad during the process of restarting if you have not paid to remove ads or set your device to airplane mode.

2. If you are outnumbered you can still win. However, if you are too outnumbered you will fall. For example, the enemy will attack each one of your cells one by one taking each of them over quite easily. You can use half or a bit more of your cells and attack from behind. Those enemy cells will be more vulnerable, which you will be able to take over quite easily. When you take over two, branch off and attack more of the enemy’s cells. The

3. Attack cells that are feeding to another cell. Never attack a cell that is maxed out in offense. Their defense will be impeccable and the attack will be too strong. Instead, attack the cell(s) feeding it. This will cut off the cell’s food supply making it weaker, which is the perfect time to attack. You can then split four or more cells off to fight the other remaining enemy cells and then another four or more to fight off Goliath.

4. If there is an enemy cell with only one place to go… Attacking you, then you are in a bit of a pickle as seen in the photo below. Whether you have dual-mode enabled or not and both of your cells are in the same position the method is going to be the same. Let’s use the below image as an example. In the case below, the green cell at the bottom of the image is going to be the one to live the whole way through. You will more than likely have to give up the cell at the top, unfortunately. Instead, you will want to have your green cell at the top fight the red cell to buy some time.

When first starting your level, dual-mode or not, you will want to fight the enemy cell until your cell gets stronger defensively – about 3 shots to red. Then, with the lower green cell, take over a nearby empty cell and immediately go back to the first cell you started with. Other enemy cells can help by knocking off all of the defenses on an empty cell making it a one-shot one take-over. In the case below, the blue cell helped out with that. Once you go back to the original cell, let it build up for a couple of seconds before attacking red. You will now have three cells in total. In the below situation, you will want to build up your offense before claiming another empty cell or enemy cell. Blue and pink will be fighting each other so you will be able to take over blue easily. Then, it is game over.

We hope this guide has helped you out! If you have any other questions or issues with any level let us know in the comments below and we will try our best to help you out.

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