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Haarlem, The Netherlands – Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer GreyWolf Entertainment announce that Subterfuge, the first DLC for their real-time 4X space strategy title Dawn of Andromeda is out now. Subterfuge is now available at an SRP of $5.99 through Steam and other major digital retailers, with the base game currently enjoying a 60% Weeklong discount on Steam.

In Subterfuge, two more races have appeared in Andromeda and are ready to scrap for dominance. The Kri are back in the ascendency and ready to fight for what was once rightfully theirs. However, the espionage-loving Higharth led by their Queen Mother, have arrived from Alpha Centauri and threaten to shake up the balance of the galaxy.

Dawn of Andromeda: Subterfuge Key Features

  • Espionage. Hire spies and use them to spy on your enemies, plot high-risk assassinations, and steal technology! These are just some of the actions that this new gameplay mechanic will allow you to perform in order to defeat your enemies.
  • Two new playable races: Kri and Higharth. Both new races bring new exclusive technologies and traits, changing the way you play.
  • Planetary projects. Research and discover new ways to improve your colonies individually, from terraforming to building unique wonders.
  • Fuel Range. You can’t travel from one side of the galaxy to the other anymore without the proper technologies and/or sufficient fuel. Expanding and exploration now requires more strategic thought than ever.
  • Lots of new content. New technologies, ship parts, events, and quests!

About Dawn of Andromeda 

Dawn of Andromeda is a real-time 4X strategy game, allowing players to ascend into the galaxy and take the reins of one of many civilizations and guide them through the myriad of dangers hiding within. They will be able to expand their empire, colonize new planets, interact with other factions and characters, research new technologies and build fleets so powerful their enemies will tremble at the mere sight.

Explore a galaxy filled with not only diverse factions, outlaws, merchants, pirate clans, and mercenaries but also anomalies, black holes, ancient artifacts, ruins and much more. Arriving in a new system may provide new opportunities, or open a whole new can of space worms.

Review keys for Dawn of Andromeda and its DLC Subterfuge are available for qualified press and influencers. Please contact Iceberg Interactive’s PR manager at [email protected].
Stay up-to-date with the latest Dawn of Andromeda news and information on the official website: You can also keep track of Dawn of Andromeda or Iceberg Interactive at any of these online channels:, on Facebook at, Twitter at at, and on YouTube at

GreyWolf Entertainment is a small studio based in Leiria, Portugal. It’s made up of ambitious and dedicated individuals who share a strong passion for video games, and an equally strong passion for creating great video games. GreyWolf’s first title is Dawn of Andromeda, an ambitious space 4X strategy game due to be released in Q2 2017.

Iceberg Interactive is an independent video game publisher founded in 2009 by an international group of games industry veterans and is located in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Staffed with avid gamers, Iceberg works closely with an international assembly of game developers, both midsize and indie. Having enjoyed recent success with titles such as Starpoint Gemini Warlords and Oriental Empires, the company has many exciting games in the pipeline, including The Last Crown Blackenrock (PC), Starship Corporation (PC), Lord of Rigel (PC) as well as Gas Guzzlers Extreme (PS4), Conarium (PS4/XB1) and Antigraviator (PC/PS4/XB1). To learn more, please visit
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Mariëlle Salh
Iceberg Interactive
[email protected]

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