Stack and Release (SAR) FAQs/Guide – Madden 21 Trade Cheats

July 23, 2021
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Stack and Release (SAR) FAQs/Guide – Madden 21 Trade Cheats

July 23, 2021
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If you are in the updated Madden 21 check our Updated SAR. If not, this page is for you.

In this article, we will be answering all of your Madden 21 Stack and Release (SAR) questions so that you can succeed in your Madden 21 franchise. We developed the SAR method for you to trade for the impossible. If you are in a franchise with multiple people and are not a league commissioner then you will not be able to switch the player’s position to a punter to trade for them. Whatever the reason, we have you covered.

This guide is in regards to the standard SAR method and not any specialty methods. If you would like an explanation for any of the specialty methods then check out our Madden 21 Trading Tips. If you would like to check out the regular Madden 21 SAR method then click here. We always do our SAR method in Online Mode via Active Roster; this does not mean you will not be able to accomplish it in offline mode, Real-Life Roster, or a fantasy draft.

1. What positions does it work for?

The positions the regular SAR works for are:

  1. all outside linebackers
  2. all defensive ends
  3. all offensive linemen
  4. all strong safeties
  5. all free safeties

The specialty positions we have covered in our Madden 21 Trading Tips forum, are QBs, HBs, WRs, MLBs, and CBs.

2. What do I do when they will not accept the trade of my three players for a 7th round draft pick?

There could be a few reasons for this:

  1. One reason is the fact that you are simply not using a “point man”. When you are trading away the three players for a draft pick, you need to have one player at a 67+ overall; it does not matter what overall the other two players are. If all three players are below that overall then they may not even accept it for even the worst 7th round draft pick.
  2. If you are using a point man and they still will not accept the trade for a 7th round pick then they value their 7th round draft pick more than your three players. To fix this you need to make their 7th less valuable. You can do this by trading them two to three 7ths for their 7th. In return, this will make the trade go through.

3. What trade settings do I need to have?

There are no trade settings you need. However, there are “Roster Protection” settings that we always turn off and recommend that you do so as well. When you head into “League Settings”, scroll down to “Roster Protection”. The default setting is 46; simply turn it to “Off”. Those settings were added to Madden to combat the SAR.

4. Does the opposing team I am doing the SAR with have to be at a 53-man roster?

Yes, the opposing team always has to be at a 53-man roster. This will ensure that the extra players they are given will result in them cutting other players to stay at a 53-man roster. Hence, why they drop your desired player(s).

5. Does my team need to be at a 53-man roster?

No, your team does not.

6. Does this work in online mode?

Yes, it does. It works normally in online mode.

7. Does this work in offline mode?

Yes, it does. It works normally in offline mode.

8. Does this work in a fantasy draft (online/offline)?

Yes, the normal SAR works just as it would in a Real-Life or an Active Roster. The specialty SAR methods, however, will be much different.

9. Does this work in a user league?

No and yes. The ONLY way the SAR will work in a user league is if you are either doing it against the CPU or a user who is on auto-pilot.

10. Does this work in the preseason?

No, the SAR will only work in the regular season. During the preseason, there are no roster limitations, so the other team will not drop any player no matter the position.

11. Will this work on an injured player?

No, the SAR will not work on any player who is injured.

12. What do I do if the trade will put the other team over the cap limit?

If you end up in a situation where you wave trade them the three players of the same position and they do not accept it because it will put them over their cap limit then we have you covered. Before you start you need to always make sure you keep them at a 53-man roster. What you will want to do first is to find out how much it will put them over. When you place those three players up in the trade, you will see a negative number in the other team’s trade column. After you get that number, surf through their roster via manual trade to find a player with a number that meets or exceeds the deficit. Look for second or third stringers as they will be easier to trade for. If you find one second-stringer that meets the deficit, add a player such as a yellow-interest HB and then add up a draft pick to seal the trade if the player doesn’t make the trade go through by itself. This will ensure that they stay at a 53-man roster. Now your trade will be able to go through.

13. How do I stop the SAR?

Head into “League Settings” and scroll down to “Roster Protection”. Then, set your own roster requirements/limitations to combat the SAR.

14. Does the SAR work after year one?

Yes, it is unchanged.

15. Can I do the SAR to get draft picks?

Using the SAR can get you unlimited draft picks.

If you would like to check out our specialty SAR methods to trade for the positions that the regular SAR will not work for then click here. We hope this has helped you with our SAR method. If you still have any questions then please let us know in the comments below and we will get back to you!


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