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1. No Need to Watch Ads

This game can be played offline. Turn off your data or put your device on airplane mode. Do not worry, there is no real advantage to playing online, our guide will show you how to conquer this game with ease.

2. Move First

When you first start a new match the enemy won’t attack right away. You also always start out as the weakest out of everyone so you need to move first. The first attack you should make is to a non-inhabited state. Choose the closes one to you because you want to build quickly. Once you get your 2nd state you will want to wait for the enemy to make the next move while you wait to counter it.

3. Wait for the Enemy to Attack

Chances are the enemy won’t attack you, the A.I. tends to attack open locations first or blank locations. What you should do is wait for the enemy to send out its forces to another location. When you or the A.I. sends out your forces the state that you are sending it from loses size. So let them send out their forces while you wait for them to be low on forces (low number) for you to then send your forces and claim the enemy state easily. Basically, you will want to stop going after the blank states, let the enemy do that. You will just be on clean-up duty claiming up the enemy states when their number is low enough. This is the easiest and most effective way to win every single match.

4. Best Upgrades in

The two upgrades you should focus on are the “Units Per Second” and the “Units’ upgrade. The last upgrade you should work on is the “Coins Per Hour” upgrade.

5. Don’t Spend Money on This Game

If you want to help the devs then that is one thing, however, there is no reason to spend money on this game. It is far to easy just by itself.

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