T4G’s Game Ranking System

1-1.9 – Unplayable

This is the bottom line, only shared by the worst of the worst. There is no hope for the game. The damage to one’s soul is too great of a punishment to continue the journey of doomed fate the game promises. It’s like getting hot sauce in the eyes and you only have flour to try and get it out kind of game.

2-2.9 – Miserably Bad

This ranking concludes that the game can be played but the only fun you may have is if you enjoy being miserable. These games are better than the worst games but not by much. Games like this are painful to even bring up in one’s thoughts and, if done, it’s almost disgraceful. It would be like getting penicillin shots for fun if you are into that kind of game.

3-3.9 – Bad

They gave it their best (hopefully) but their best is everyone else’s worst. These are games that we want to save you from. The black hole games of the gaming community that will only steal the very limited precious time you have left on earth. You will thank us later… We basically saved your lives.

4-4.9 – Poorly Executed

The game simply missed its mark. It could mean a variety of different things, such as the idea is there but they just executed it poorly. It could also mean that the video game company tried to make a bad concept work and failed to do so. Either way, the outcome is the same… that we do not recommend that you play any of these games.

5-5.9 – Average

These games provide nothing above or below the standard. It showed up, played, but not many remembered what it did or didn’t do during its performance kind of game.

6-6.9 – Decent

Our system concludes that this game is above the standard but it is missing that extra ingredient to take it to the next level. These games will be enjoyed but not loved.

7-7.9 – Good

Games like these will stimulate the mind at a high level.  These games stand out above the crowd and are games you will likely come back to. This is not an easy rank to achieve with our review system; if a game reaches this rank has our full recommendation.

8-8.9 – Impressive

This is our T4G Impressive Award. This is not an easy rank to achieve and most games will fall short of obtaining this accolade. We consider these games part of the elite 3 and are games that will not easily be forgotten. These games are why we got into the industry in the first place. They’re games that you will always want to come back and play.

9-9.9 – Precisely Crafted

Our Precisely Crafted Award was precisely crafted for the games we consider to be legends amongst their peers. These are games that change the landscape and mold the future evolution of gaming. Games that are sure to stimulate your mind in the best way possible, while leaving you wanting more.

Examples are listed below:

10 – Beautifully Mastered

This is our Beautifully Mastered Award, this award goes to the legends of the legends. These unicorns of the gaming realm have very few equals because they do not exist, but somehow these games do. This award is only gifted to games that have reached the perfect score, which concludes it being the perfect game. Perfect is a strong word that cannot be used when speaking on behalf of humans. However, we believe that these games accomplished the impossible. They are perfect in every sense of the word.