T4Gs Madden 23 Rookie Rating Predictions for QB

May 13, 2022
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T4Gs Madden 23 Rookie Rating Predictions for QB

May 13, 2022
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We are going to give our Madden 23 rookie rating predictions of what we believe the ratings of the rookie QBs in Madden 2023 will be. Madden is very tough to guess their ratings because they are so inconsistent.

Madden is consistent on one topic with ratings and that is that rookies tend to have lower ratings compared to their peers. It is very difficult to guess how good a player will be outside of college because they are so many more elements to what makes a football player good in the NFL.

Talent alone does no justice, we have seen many talented players go into the NFL to eventually never be heard from again. This was one of the weakest QB draft classes in a long time.

Of course, some of these guys can pan out but as a viewer sitting from the outside watching in, there was no clear top QB. In prior years, there was an easy top QB of the draft, Joe Burrow, Kyler Murray, and many others.

The QB position has now become overvalued and it was finally nice to not see teams draft a QB high because they are a QB. Instead, they chose players that appeared to be more of a sure-fire deal to succeed.

QB Kenny Pickett:

Kenny Pickett was the 1st QB taken out of the draft and the only QB to go in the 1st round. He went to the Steelers which seemed to be more of a desperate move than anything if I am being honest with myself.

Kenny Pickett was not the clear favorite QB of the draft, at least to everyone else other than the Steelers. In Prior years there has been a clear top QB in the draft and we just didn’t see that with Pickett.

We are not saying that he cannot be a starting QB in the NFL because you just never know. However, we never saw him as someone who was a bad QB just more of a QB that was late 2nd to 3rd round material.

With Kenny Pickett getting drafted in the 1st round there will likely be an emphasis on EA to increase his rating higher than what they would have. EA tends to adjust their ratings depending on when teams draft these players.

With all Pickett’s talents considered we believe that he will be from the 72 to 76 range. If it was up to us we would have him ranked 72 but it wouldn’t shock us if EA put him to a 76 just due to when he was drafted.

He will likely have a Star dev as well.

QB Desmond Ridder:

Desmond Ridder was the 2nd QB taken in the draft, he ended up sliding to the 3rd round. We never felt like Ridder was a sure-fire deal as an NFL QB.

However, we cannot ignore the fact he has talents that need to be considered. Poor accuracy was one of the biggest issues that we had with Ridder.

The same Poor accuracy in college tends to be 10 times worse in the NFL. Ridder was one of the QBs that we felt unsure about, he is a QB that we just want to see what happens.

It would not shock us if he became a starter in the NFL and even a good QB at that. It also would not shock us though if he became a 2nd stringer for most of his career either.

He is not the type of QB that has clear abilities in one way or the other, he is the type that is balanced. Yes, he had a good 40 time at 4.49.

Which is only a 10th of a second slower than his challenger Marcus Mariota. The only difference is that Marcus Mariota has incredible football speed and just did more damage when running the ball.

With that being said Desmond Ridder just piqued our interest and we can’t wait to see what he turns into. We believe that he will be as low as a 67 and as high as a 71 just depending on what side of the bed Madden wakes up on that day.

We could also see Ridder with a Star dev.

QB Malik Willis:

Malik Willis was drafted by the Titans which is probably the best situation for almost all of these QBs. We all heard about his amazing speed and arm strength.

However, there is no official 40 time that we could find as he chose not to do the 40 in the combine. This seemed to us to be a tactic. If he was 4.3 type fast then why wouldn’t he run the 40 just to show the world how fast he was.

It would have surely launched his name in every news media outlet in the country. The same could be said if he ended up being slower than most expected, it would have harmed his value.

His speed was hard for us to truly gauge due to him competing against non-power 5 conferences. The players in his conference are without a doubt slower on average compared to the bigger conferences.

We are by no means are we saying he is slow, we are just saying that we have nothing to truly measure his true speed against. When it comes to his arm we believe that he has a cannon and that is less opinion-based when watching his film.

The only issue was that we saw him mostly deep bombs in college as his main throwing talent. Throwing the ball deep is great but it makes us nervous when you do not see tight rope throws on deep-outs, out routes in general, tight slants, back-shoulder throws, and many other comforting throws that you want to see from an NFL QB.

We predict that he will likely be the best sleeper QB in Madden just by how EA will rate him. He will likely have a high-speed rating, 95 plus throw power with a poor accuracy, and awareness rating.

This will undoubtedly make him a great user QB and likely put him close to Ridder’s rating. We see him in the 66 to 70 overall range just depending on who starts clicking buttons at EA.

We could see him with a normal dev trait or even Madden going as far as to put him as a Superstar which we know sounds crazy but we are talking Madden here.

QB Matt Corral:

Matt Corral was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in the 3rd round. He has great potential, he makes a host of solid NFL throws that show off his accuracy.

He was one of our top-rated QBs of the draft and even with him being one of our top-rated QBs of this draft we still do not feel extremely comfortable with his abilities. He has a high upside but you just never know how things will turn out.

We believe he will be around a 66 to a 69 at the highest with a likely normal dev trait.

QB Baily Zappe:

Bailey Zappe went to the Patriots which we found to be hilarious. When we looked him over we were very impressed and believe he has a high upside.

He makes great throws, is slightly mobile and has strong accuracy in his throws. It was hard to compare him because he really wasn’t playing all that great of teams but from what we saw he left a good impression on us.

We would not be shocked if he ended up as a starter in the NFL but we would also not be shocked if he ended up in a backup role supporting Mac Jones for the years to come.

Which, in this scenario, we will see him likely get traded to another team for massive profit due to the Patriot’s effect.

We can see him at a 64 to 67.

QB Sam Howell:

We see him being a 63 to 66.


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