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This is our top 5 college football power rankings. We will be updating this list each week so make sure to check back with us after the games have been played.

Week 9 Power Rankings

1. Georgia Bulldogs

The Bulldogs are currently undefeated and did not struggle at all against Florida. Florida gave Alabama a tough time and it wasn’t even close to the same for Georgia.

Georgia has the best defense in college football so far this year and it doesn’t seem to be even close. Since they have such a dominant defense it is not even a question that they are #1.

Their offense is the biggest question so far and that showed when they couldn’t score against the Florida Gators for the entire first quarter.

2. Ohio State

Ohio State had a rough game against Penn State at the shoe. The score was close, their defense struggled, and Stroud looked like he did in the first few weeks which was not impressive.

However, Penn State is a tough team regardless of how they did against Illinois. They are one of those teams that always do well against Ohio State.

Penn State QB Sean Clifford seemed to be back up to speed without the previous injury he had bothering him whatsoever. Before he went out with an injury Penn State looked like they were going to win against #2 Iowa.

If they won against #2 Iowa they would have likely replaced them and if Clifford wasn’t dealing with an injury it would have been likely that they beat Illinois last week. They are a better team than what their current rank states.

They could have just as easily been ranked #2 this week going against Penn State. Even though Penn State is not ranked #2 and instead was #20 that really doesn’t take away from Ohio State all that much.

Ohio State has some questions about how well Stroud and company can do against very talented teams like Georgia or Alabama. They can either show up and dominate through the air and ground or struggle.

3. Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama had a bye week this so they are safe from scrutiny. However, the last memory they left for us was not a great one. Having a tight game against Tennessee is not a good look. And Yes, it was a tough game regardless of what the end score was.

They only looked good in the 4th quarter and it was at Bama. Even with all the downsides to Bama this year, they are still a very talented team that we have at 3rd.

4. Michigan State

It is going to be very tough for Michigan to stay at such a high ranking with the remaining schedule they have. They have Ohio State and Penn State waiting to dethrone their undefeated season.

Michigan State is a team that no top school wants to play right now because they have nothing to lose and only everything to gain. A team like Bama, Georgia, Ohio State, or anyone else better watch out because no one believes they have what it takes to win a natty.

And that is exactly what is going to piss these boys off and make them play better. It is still doubtful for them to win out but nonetheless, they are still a team you need to watch closely because they proved they can throw and land some heavy blows to any team out there.

5. Oklahoma

Oklahoma barely even made it into our top 5 power rankings. They had a really solid game against Texas Tech but that is Texas Tech. It was one of their first games Oklahoma looked dominant.

Caleb Williams looked like he is coming into his own and that bodes well for Oklahoma. They have Baylor coming up and they are just coming off of a win against Texas.

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