RiME Review | No Bull Review

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RiME Review: RiME was very exciting to get into. There was so much mystery surrounding the game in the beginning, such as why did I wash up on this island, where is this island, what am I doing here, etc.. With that being said, you start out not knowing anything, and you just about stay that way for the majority of the …

Bridge Constructor Portal Game Review

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Bridge Constructor Portal Review: Game Details: Release Date: Out on Steam December 20, 2017 Creators: Publisher – Headup Games | Developer – ClockStone Software Review Platform: PC About the Game: Bridge Constructor Portal is a strategy game designed around bridges and portals. It is a present and futuristic game that has the basic bridge building aspects with the futuristic aspect of portals. …

Horizon Zero Dawn Game Review Horizon Zero Dawn Review Game Review of Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn Game Review

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Game Review: The game, Horizon Zero Dawn, is an absolutely exciting game that takes place in Earth’s far future after a global pandemic. This post apocalyptic atmosphere was created when machines took over, dismantling the way of normal human life bringing themselves back to primitive means. We would highly recommend this game to gamers who enjoy open world, action adventure …