The Best QB Traits and Archetype Secrets in Madden 23 Franchise Mode

December 9, 2022
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The Best QB Traits and Archetype Secrets in Madden 23 Franchise Mode

December 9, 2022
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We are going to break down all of our secrets with QB traits and Archetypes in Madden 23 franchise mode. We will give you the key to finding the greatest QBs and unlocking their true potential.

We will be giving you the best traits per archetype. All QBs do better with the best Throw Styles so make sure you either checked out our Top 4 Best Throw Styles in Madden 23 video or read our article on the matter.

Don’t forget to tell those around you that you are proud of them for not just their big achievements but their small achievements as well. It matters more than you know, your husband, wife, siblings, and children will become fueled by this. Don’t forget to remind them of what they have already accomplished, it shows you see and hear them, and sometimes just knowing someone is there in the crowd just for them means everything to those that you love.

Video Tutorial

If you’d prefer the written instructions you can keep reading.

Field General QBs:

Field General QBs are usually close to being Strong Arm QBs so we suggest turning them into Strong Arm QBs over time through upgrades. This won’t take as long as you may think and Strong Arm QBs are always better QBs regardless of if you are in a simulation or user league.

Strong Arm QBs:

Strong Arm QBs are the daddies of war when it comes to Madden simulation if you have the right playbooks/schemes and the right personnel around them. They crap glory.

The best traits for Strong Arm QBs are basic.

Personality: Doesn’t matter, he could be Mr. sassy lips for all we care.

QB Style: Balanced is the best but if you have another one it won’t hinder success.

Sence of Pressure: Ideal is the best. Average is the only other one that we would accept.

Forcing Passes: Aggressive is king. This is one that you do not want to budge on too often unless there are not a lot of QBs to choose from to run your system. Ideal would be our only exception.

Tight Spiral: We couldn’t care less if a QB has this or not. Peyton Manning can throw 500 wobbly TD passes and so can your crappy QB. It does not affect the accuracy of the ball no matter what Jimbo told you in PE class.

Throw the Ball Away Trait: Perferribly we would not want our QB to have this but if he is a Strong Arm then we will make an exception if a good enough Strong Arm QB has it.

Meaning, his other traits are good and his ratings are fantastic.

The rest I don’t care about and neither should you.

Best Strong Arm Ratings to Have:

  • Throw Power: 92 or above is preferred but not a must. That is just the sweet spot and where you will see the most success.
  • Speed as a whole: For Strong Arm QBs any extra speed is a bonus but he could be a slow sack of crap for all we care. Speed is not the name of the game for Strong Arm QBs.
  • Throw Accuracy: The more the better obviously, but if your QB is young then Short accuracy being the highest is a solid start. The Mid to upper 70s is a perfect start for young QBs.
  • Throw on the Run: It is great to have a high rating for Throw on the Run but it is not a must-have. Overtime he will increase his Throw on the Run through upgrades:
  • Throw Under Pressure: For younger QBs, the mid-70s are a perfect start. Throw Under Pressure helps in every situation.
  • Cod: Treat the same as speed.
  • Strength: Strength does not change your QBs overall regardless of how high or low it is. However, the better the strength the higher the indication that he is a more solid Strong Arm QB during the draft.

It isn’t always a guarantee though, just make sure that it is something that you are monitoring. If we had to give a range we would 70 overall or above is a great range.

  • Break Sack: Mid 70’s for young QBs, low 80’s for above-average QBs, and upper 80’s for the elite QBs (top 1%). It isn’t a perfect science though. An elite QB could still have a lower range just use this as a gauge to see where your QB is at.
  • Spin Move and Juke Move: If he has it great, if he doesn’t then don’t go home and cry about it in your journal.
  • Carrying: Low to Mid 60’s believe it or not is a good start.
  • Injury and Stamina: The perfect rating would be in the mid-90s for both. However, we do not live in a perfect world and you are going to come across a bunch of QBs that are good in the draft that could get injured from a bee sting.

The biggest tip we have on this is to monitor it based on your own situation. Situational awareness people, dear lord. The beautiful aspect of these ratings is it is very easy to spot if they are a problem.

If your QB is getting too tired then you will notice it quickly and you will not want to sign him to mega-money. The same applies to injuries. If he is getting injured 1 time a year for more than 3 games or multiple times a year trade him to the highest bidder.

If you are afraid of him being out for 3 weeks due to a bee sting then maybe he isn’t the QB for you. A good indication of low injury would be if all he does is hot yoga for his workouts and only listens to Tibetan singing bowls.

Scrambling QBs:

Scrambling QBs can be good but they are nowhere near as good as a solid Improviser QB. Improviser QBs can also work in scrambling systems.

This is why we recommend converting these types of QBs into Improvisers over time. Just make sure that they have the same Traits and Ratings that we are going to recommend for Improviser QBs.

Improviser QBs:

Improviser QBs are imperative to get correct in Madden 23 franchise mode. If you screw it up the Madden Gods will look down upon you with laughter, they are always watching and can spot weakness from the moment you get on the sticks.

Traits are much more important for simulation leagues than they are for user play. It is so important that if you get it wrong it won’t matter what the QBs ratings are he will be a frustrating QB.

Best Improviser Traits:

  • Throw-Away Trait: It may sound weird for you to not want your QB to throw the ball away but in this situation, it is a nogo.

    If you have the Throw the Ball Away trait on your Improviser QB your QB will escape the pocket; look to run for the first, then throw the ball away right before he gets there if any defender is in the vicinity.

    Throwing the Ball Away trait will be frustrating to deal with and you will not win as many super bowls because of it. In fact, you will lose your mind when you see how stupid he can be. Basically, if you have that trait he will be a doofus.
  • Make Sure to Have the Best Throw Style: Check above at the top of the article. Throw Styles get more important for Improviser QBs. Of course, they are important for every QB but it is much easier to make a Strong Arm QB a better QB with an okay Throw Style than it is with an Improviser.

    Improviser QBs are much closer to the action because they tend to escape the pocket and are being chased so the longer the wind-up is the easier it is for them to be sacked. If you are running around the edge and there is a defender close on your coat tails a faster throw style is going to save your bacon and make you that much better.
  • Forcing Passes: “Aggressive” is the best, “Ideal” is the only other option but, it isn’t as good as “Aggressive” by any stretch.
  • Tight Spiral: If he has it then it will only make him fancier, not more efficient.
  • Sense of Pressure: Doesn’t matter in user play, in simulation leagues you want “Ideal” or “Average”.
  • The rest doesn’t matter.

Best Improviser Ratings:

  • Speed, Acceleration, Agility: Low 80s for average players, 85 for decent/good, and 86 or above for Elite Improviser.
  • Strength: Same applies to Strong Arm QBs.
  • Awareness: This really isn’t that important even in simulation.
  • Carrying: Mid-60s for good, and low 70s for the elite QBs.
  • Cod: Mid-80s for good, 90s for elite QBs.
  • Stamina and Injury: This is tricky to gauge because the range for QBs is so up and down. Injury/Stamina, decent/good QBs around 85 for both, 90 and above for Elite. If your QB has a low injury rating that can be a painful task for you.

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