The Best Tec-9 Loadout for COD Cold War Multiplayer

September 29, 2021
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The Best Tec-9 Loadout for COD Cold War Multiplayer

September 29, 2021
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I am going to give you the best Tec-9 loadout for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer. This loadout will ensure the most amount of damage done while not having a large amount of recoil along with some alternatives to fit your playstyle.

This is honestly the best loadout in Cold War in my opinion.

The Tec-9 is easily one of the most popular guns in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer and, now, Warzone.

You need to get to tier 30 in the Season 5 Battle Pass to claim this weapon. If you missed it, I am sure there will be another way for you to claim it in the future.

The Tec-9 is great for hip-firing out of the box but you can make it even better. I will go over what we use here at Tips4Gamers and I will give you some alternatives you can do to fit your playstyle.

The Tec-9 will be single-fire at first. It’s not great but it will get the job done. Now let’s jump into it.

Best Loadout for The Tec-9 for Your Playstyle

  • Muzzle – Full Auto Repeater
  • Barrel – 7.3″ Reinforced Heavy
  • Underbarrel – Field Agent Grip
  • Body – Steady Aim Laser
  • Handle – Airborne Elastic Wrap

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I have chosen everything on this list based on the perfect amount of power to control ratio. If you are the type of player who is a long-range and short-range fighter then this is perfect for you.

If you are an up-close and personal type of player then we will list some alternatives for you. You will be able to pack a bigger punch (Firepower wise) and increase your movement speed while aiming down the sight making you a tougher target to hit.

NOTE: If you want every upgrade for your Tec-9 then I would recommend choosing the Gunfighter Wildcard, which allows you to add 3 additional attachments.

Optic (Alternative):

The optic is completely optional. If you prefer to have an optic and you cannot play without one then I would recommend either getting the Gunfighter Wildcard, which adds 3 more attachments, or you could replace one of the five allowed attachments listed below that would benefit you the least.


To make this gun fully automatic you need the Full Auto Repeater. You can see your progress on it by hovering over the upgrade. If you prefer it to be semi-auto then just choose the Burst Fire Repeater.


The 7.3″ Reinforced Heavy will pack the most amount of punch without creating too much recoil. You will be able to use it effectively for long-distance fighting.

If you are an up-close and personal type of player then I would recommend replacing the 7.3″ Reinforced Heavy with the 8.1″ Task Force. Not only does it increase the damage, effective damage range, and bullet velocity, but it also increases your movement speed and aim walking movement speed. This will make you a harder target to hit since you will be moving side to side while aiming down your sight. Perfect for those up-close and personal.


Field Agent Grip is perfect for those who mix long-distance firing with close-range fighting. You will have the maximum amount of vertical (6%) and horizontal recoil control (20%).

However, if you are the up-close and personal type, then I would highly recommend the Bruiser Grip. This will increase your movement speed, sprinting move speed, shooting move speed, and aim walking move speed by 3%. When you are up-close, you want to be a tougher target to hit so that extra movement speed will do the trick.


NOTE: No matter what site you go to to get information on the best Tec-9 loadout, you should always use it as a guide and tweak it to your playstyle.

If you hip-fire as much as I do then I would recommend the Steady Aim Laser. This increases your hip-fire accuracy by 17% while not compromising anything else.

You could increase your hip-fire accuracy even further (+33%) by choosing SWAT 5mw Laser Sight.

However, you will be decreasing your Aim Down Site Time by 8%, which is not recommended for those who are mid to long-range fighters. Test them out and get a feel for each upgrade then make the final decision.

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Magazine (Alternative):

Honestly, this is based on your preference. I personally would choose the Fast Mag (21 rounds) because of the +20% Reload Quickness and a big fat ZERO for cons. It is insanely quick to reload so you would be at an advantage when compared to the larger mags.

This is also the best option for those who like it up-close and personal.


The Airborn Elastic Wrap is perfect for all playstyles. Your Aim Down Site Time is increased by 30%, however, your Shooting Move Speed is decreased by 10%, and Sprint to Fire Time is decreased by 15%, which does make the Tec-9 more accurate to shoot with. You will have a slower Sprint to Fire Time reaction time by 52 ms or less, which isn’t much.

The biggest takeaways are the 90% Flinch Resistance and Aim Down Site time.

An alternative for those up-close and personal who are all about speed would be the Speed Tape. Somehow, duct tape does wonders.

Stock (Alternative):

No stock will hurt your power to control ratio. Having a stock is going to affect the speed and hip-fire accuracy of your Tec-9. Since there are stocks that will decrease your hip-fire accuracy, I would recommend avoiding those if you like to hip-fire.

If you have Gunfighter Wildcard and you would like a stock, I would recommend the Collapsed Stock. This will increase your Sprint to Fire Time and will offset the Airborn Elastic Wrap’s decrease in Sprint to Fire Time. It will still be 17 ms shorter than stock, however.

I hope this best Tec-9 loadout guide has helped you build your perfect Tec-9. If you have any questions then let me know in the comments below and I will get back to you.

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