The Best way to do Maintenance in Airline Manger 4

May 6, 2022
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The Best way to do Maintenance in Airline Manger 4

May 6, 2022
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Repairing your planes in AM4 sounds like it is needed but in reality, it is not. This may shock you but we have not paid to “Repair” our planes in a very long time because it actually saves us money not to.

We are going to be breaking down how to repair your planes while also saving millions of dollars in the process. We are going to be showing you the best way to do your “Maintenance” in Airline Manager 4

NEVER Repair Your Planes in Airline Manager 4 Again!:

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If your plane’s wear becomes too high it will eventually stop contributing to your alliance, you will get audited, and your plane will be at a higher risk of crashing. I personally have never heard of someone’s plane crashing but apparently, it can happen.

The game puts you into a situation where you feel obligated to repair your plane but it makes no sense to spend that money to repair it.

To repair a good majority of your planes (depending on your fleet cost) can cost you up to 100 million dollars. That is a massive hit to your airline, not only the funds that it cost but the time it takes to repair them.

You could have 50 planes out of commission for hours and that still does not even change the fact that the local authorities will want you to do an A-check after so many hours. The A-Check is something you can not get out of one way or another.

What you will want to do is only do A-Checks and not spend any time or money repairing your planes. When you do an A-Check they also repair your plane in the process.

By the time you have to do an A-Check most of your planes are maybe in the early 20% wear if even that. Which really isn’t that bad, nor is it something to worry about.

If you want to play it safe periodically bulk check repairs over 10% for your planes and if one is too high then schedule it for its A-Check early instead of trying to repair it.

The other thing to keep in mind is if you have a VIP plane that plane will need to be checked separately. For some reason, they do not show it with the regular planes when you are doing a bulk A-Check.

If you follow this you will save millions of dollars and a lot of time by skipping the repair process entirely.


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