The Biggest Mistakes COD Players Make in Multiplayer

September 24, 2021
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The Biggest Mistakes COD Players Make in Multiplayer

September 24, 2021
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There are certain things a lot of players do in Call of Duty (COD): Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer that are big no-nos. If you are one of these people, you should implement these standards.

If you want to have a longer life span and increase your K/D whether it is negative, low, or high, then follow these simple Call of Duty Cold War Multiplayer tips for when you play COD.

You have no idea how many times we encounter players who make these big mistakes. Every match we encounter several players who fall into this category.

If you do not fall into this category then great! There are more players than you think who do one or more of these things.

#1 Alerting the Enemy of Your Location

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This may seem like common sense to NOT do this but it happens every match and the enemy perishes just about every time.

It is single handily the biggest mistake on this list.

The first way a player could alert the enemy of their location is their loud footsteps. If you do not have Ninja for whatever reason, GET IT.

If you are not aware of what Ninja is, it quiets your footsteps so it is impossible for the enemy to hear you coming. The only exception is a dead silent room; the footsteps will be heard but they will be very light.

How many times have you wondered how in the world did the enemy know where I was? Well, your heavy feet are probably to blame.

Get Ninja. It is better than any other perk in that tree. Or you can just get Perk Greed if you cannot part ways with whatever perk you think is better than concealment.

I can hear the footsteps from a long distance so I take advantage of it. I will follow the footsteps to the source then eliminate the enemy without the player knowing what hit ’em.

If you are knifing players then you want that element of surprise. There are players out there who knife but they do not have Ninja.

The second way a player alerts the enemy of their location is by sliding.

Sliding makes a lot of noise and if you are the type who slides everywhere then you’re going to be on the dinner menu.

I cannot tell you how many times an opponent had Ninja but slid just around the corner of me. It’s always an easy kill for me to add to my K/D… So thank you.

Sliding will not get you from point A to point B faster than anyone else. I know it’s fun but try to resist.

Instead, look at sliding from a tactical standpoint. Slide to get away or to avoid enemy fire by sliding behind cover. This will make you a tougher target.

Overall, if you do not have Ninja then you increase your chances of being on the dinner menu. If you have Ninja and you are sliding around everywhere, this is a recipe for disaster.

#2 Not Avoiding Enemy Scorestreaks

Avoiding enemy scorestreaks, in particular, Cruise Missiles, Napalm Strikes, Artillery, VTOL, Chopper Gunner, Strafe Runs, and Gunship, is imperative.

In just about every match I see players run out of cover while a cruise missile is inbound and they end up getting executed.

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While this is funny to witness it is not good for the team’s chances of winning nor is it good for your K/D.

Be patient and wait inside until the enemy’s scorestreak has expired.

It doesn’t take long and being on defense while the enemy runs around looking for you is a lot easier than being on offense with that opponent’s scorestreak lurking over your head.

#3 Do Not Stay in Your Initial Spot

This does not happen as much and a veteran camper knows not to stick around in their same spot.

However, this is not a tip for campers.

Camping is the least exciting way to play COD or any other game. If you like to conserve your adrenaline and you don’t mind being bored then camping is the way to go.

What I meant by do not stay in your initial spot is if you are firing at your opponent and they duck behind cover… Move.

Do not sit in that same spot, it makes you an easy target.

You should always move side to side while firing your weapon as it makes you a harder target.

With that being said, if the enemy ducks behind cover while you are firing then move to a different spot while still aiming toward the enemy.

This will increase your chances of increasing your K/D.

#4 Not Destroying Enemy Field Upgrades

The number of players who run by an enemy’s field upgrade without destroying it outweighs the number of players who do destroy it drastically.

NOTE: Destroying an enemy’s field upgrade will give you points towards your scorestreaks.

There are a couple of field upgrades you cannot always destroy or see especially if you do not have the perk “Engineer”, which allows you to see enemy equipment through walls or as it is being thrown.

These upgrades are Proximity Mines and Gas Mines. They can be placed in a strategic spot making those without the Engineer perk impossible or extremely tough to spot.

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However, all of the other perks you can see and/or hear quite easily. They also affect your map by scrambling it (the Jammer).

Destroy those upgrades when you see them. Do it not only for yourself but for your teammates as well.

Sure, it alerts the enemy that you have destroyed it but it leaves the enemy blind, exposes their position, and/or cuts them off from destroying any of your or your teammates’ scorestreaks.

BONUS TIP: Shoot the opponent’s Attack Helicopter or Sentry Turret until you have hit it once. If it gets destroyed you will get points towards your scorestreak for destroying it even though it wasn’t your doing.

#5 Placement of Your Mines

I get at the very least two kills from my proximity mine every match I play.

That being said, I see mines placed just about anywhere with no strategy behind them.

Furthermore, the placement of your mines (Proximity Mine and Gas Mine) is huge. There are a lot of key factors to take into consideration, however.

Placing a Proximity Mine inside or outside of an entryway may not be the best idea. The reason is an enemy can easily bypass it by backtracking or they could set it off if they’re within the activation range on the other side of the wall.

Gas Mines slow down your movement and deny your ability to use a stim shot. You could easily backtrack to get out of the gas if it is placed inside or outside of an entryway.

The better way to position these mines is in the center of a room away from any cover escape route, such as a stairwell.

There was a lesson I learned in the Marine Corps called EMPCOA (Enemy’s Most Probable Course of Action).

You should apply EMPCOA to the placement of your mines and also picture yourself as the enemy running by your placed mine.

Could you get away from the blast, the gas, or see the mine before you run into the detonation radius? Is it placed in the direction of the enemy’s spawn point? Where do your opponents like to hang out on the map?

Those are questions you should ask yourself when placing down your mine.

Initially, go off of where the enemy usually travels in that particular map and set it in a non-obvious spot where the enemy is going to struggle to avoid and see it.

BONUS TIP: You can avoid taking any damage from a proximity mine by getting into the prone position before it detonates. Crouching will not always work.

I hope this article has helped you in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer. If you have any questions or comments then leave them in the comments below and I will get back to you.

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