The Game for Dads (Airline Manager 4)

March 1, 2022
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The Game for Dads (Airline Manager 4)

March 1, 2022
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If there was ever a category called games for dads then Airline Manager 4 or AM4 for short would make it onto this list. Obviously, there are women who play this too but through our journey in this game, we have come across a lot of seeming to be dads.’

This is by far the best Plane Simulator business game that we have come across and the best part about it is that it is free.

If your dad is like our dad he runs to the window like a small child when he hears a big plane flying through the sky. When we go on flights he is always asking what plane we are on and gets all excited depending on the bird.

Now I know more about planes because of him and have even discussed this game with him and it has piqued his interest greatly. Asking me if they have certain planes that he enjoys, which he then replies “wow, they have all the big boys”.

If your dad or mom likes planes, likes easy gameplay, loves building a business then this is a game and video you should recommend to them.

This is great for old fingers, not much clicking, or aiming needed to excel in this game. This game is all about the mind.

There are also alliances for your dad to join and talk planes with other dads so you know he will be in safe hands. They can talk for days about which planes to buy that make the most amount of money for the lowest overall price.

Planes in Airline Manager 4

And don’t worry, we have your dad covered with the Best Planes to Buy in Airline Manager 4 That Will Make you Millions and on our channel as well. Just in case they go too overloaded and need some professional help.

They can talk planes, talk lawns, and their new blanace shoes, along a list of other dad things.

Your dad can also have a stock price for his airline if he decides to make it public and get joy from watching it grow every time he buys a new plane. Watching your IPO grow is one of the most addicting parts of this game.

Airline Manager 4 Stock price

There are always competitions running as well including alliance competitions so your dad can put his airline to the test. To your dad our yourself it might just be as intense as a Call of Duty competition.

The only thing that is a big downfall to this game is that the “Block” button is right next to the “Delete” message button and if you block someone there is no way that we have found to unblock them. Yeah, you would think the devs would have figured that out already.

You may only be one click away from blocking your AM4 plane buddy bff, for eternity. If you love planes, then this is a game you might want to try out.


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