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We are going to be breaking down the hardest teams to rebuild in Madden 22. However, even though these teams are on our list does not mean these teams can’t be turned around and turned around quickly.

This list was probably the hardest list we have ever created because we do not feel that teams are hard to rebuild in Madden so we are going to do our best to give you the hardest teams to rebuild.

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These are teams that will need a lot of trading and or contract massaging in order for them to be successful.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

We have seen the Kansas City Chiefs go from Super Bowl contenders to abysmal in less than a year with the exact same team. In Madden, they are also seeing some issues and it is mainly with contracts.

However, contracts are not the toughest thing to get around when we provide the contract tips that we provided.

The thing about the Chiefs is that there is no real way to get out of some of the contracts that they have like Patrick Mahomes contract. Mahomes is great, but he is overkill when it comes to Madden. You could use a Sleeper QB from our Top 8 Best Sleeper QBs in Madden 22.

Travis Kelce has a contract locking him for the next 5 years. Which sounds not bad until you realize that he is 31 and that contract locks him in until he is 36.

It is very unlikely that he will still be a high over or even a decent overall at that age. The only benefit of the contract is that the penalty is just $14.7 million which isn’t too terrible.

He will need to be traded in the next few years unless you plan to let him retire as a Chief but there is no saying when that will be. Maybe you will get lucky and he will reitre before he gets a low 80 overall.

Other than that they are too worse for ware but their contracts are not our favorite, not even close. The Chiefs are a team that does not need to be rebuild, just steadily maintained.

1. Houston Texans.

The Houston Texans are just a mess at the moment. This is really because of one person and it sucks to have to drag someone’s name through the dirt because he is a good man. However, Bill O’Brien clearly destroyed the Texans.

He basically gave away DeAndre Hopkins to the Cardinals and look how that is working out for the Cards. JJ Watt has been injury-prone for multiple seasons now but even he went to the Cardinals and helped them go undefeated so far.

We will not talk about their QB because that is a crapshoot at this moment. David Mills shows potential in real life but until he does more he is still only a 66 overall in Madden.

They have almost no runningbacks and just traded Mark Ingram back to Saints. This is really not terrible because Ingram is not the same Ingram he was 4 years ago.

Their WR crew is basically Brandon Cooks and he really hasn’t looked anywhere close like he did when he had Drew Brees throwing to him.

At the TE position, it is patchwork until B. Jordan works out and that has yet to be seen. In Madden, he is a 69 overall which is not great nor terrible with him only being 21 years old and a rookie. He has some upsides though with that Speed of 85, Agility of 84, and that 88 Acceleration. He is only 6’3″ which isn’t that tall for a TE but that doesn’t matter in Madden as much as in real life.

Their offensive line is basically only Leremy Tunsil then after that it is basically all patch players. The entire offensive line will need to be replaced which is a pain and not the easiest to do without trading.

Their entire defensive line is basically either really young and decent at best or old and needs to be replaced. their linebackers are in the same boat with a little more luck with Zach Cunningham.

With their cornerbacks, they basically only have one and that is in Desmond King II. The rest will need to be replaced soon or they will continue to struggle.

The Texans also only have Justin Reid at the safety position. Luckily the Texans have a great kicker and punter except for the fact that is a lie, they aren’t that great either.

The Texans almost need an entire team rebuild which makes things terrible for them and makes things hard for them to rebuild. This is not an impossible rebuild by any chance but it sure makes things hard when the team is this bad.

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