The Most Overpowered Position on Offense in Madden 22

March 4, 2022
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The Most Overpowered Position on Offense in Madden 22

March 4, 2022
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We are going to be breaking down the most overpowered position on offense in franchise mode in Madden 22. This position is so overpowered that it is illegal in most countries and why football is played mainly in the States.

Video Example:

So overpowered it is like a lion fighting your Chihuahua named noodles. This position could slap you in the face without using its hands.

Take a moment and guess what position you may think that it is and if you get it right you get 52 golden points…

Times up, the most overpowered position on offense is the WR position and it isn’t even close. The QB is great but a QB cannot play 17 other positions at the same time.

The WR position can play running back, wide receiver, and tight end with ease. It is a position where you can draft 3 of them during the same draft and end up with 3 starters that are better than the top guys being drafted in those select positions.

It is the most diverse offensive position, ask Deebo Samuel what the WR position can do. One minute he is one of the top WRs in the game and now he is one of the top HBs.

This isn’t just a Madden thing, this is a WR thing.

Is the WR Position Really This Glorious T4G?

Does a mountain lion crap after it eats? You’re damn right it does.

There are so many options available when having good WRs. We have always said that WRs are better at HB than HBs are their own position.

For example, if you take WR rookie Rondale Moore on the Cardinals and move him to halfback you will see massive gains in overall. His overall goes from a 75 overall to an 85 overall.

Imagine if you drafted an 85 overall star dev rookie in the draft. It is likely that you would crap your pants with joy.

He is not the only guy who does this, he is one of the many who does this. Jaylen Waddle is an 81 overall and if you move him to HB his overall jumps to a 92 overall as a rookie.

They are faster than most HBs and their cod ratings are usually in the upper 80s to 90 range. They are perfect HBs for simulation or user play.

When moving WRs to TE think outside the box. An old WR like A.J. Green can be traded for cheaply if you are on a super bowl run and are only missing a TE and his overall will jump 3 points to an 83 overall.

He will not be a good blocker but during runs think about subbing him out with a guy that can block. If you are going against another user occasionally call a passing play with him to keep them on their toes if they catch on to your scheme.

WRs get more XP on average than a good majority of other positions on offense. Utilize this, bring in guys that have good size for a TE with good speed and upgrade their “Physical” package. After a few years when you transfer him to TE, you will have a much better TE than most teams.

For HBs you will want to work on his “Slot” package with the “Vertical Threat” not too far off. When you switch him to HB you will have a monster.

Make Madden work for you and think outside the box. The possibility of creating a WR school of beast that is your biggest producer of great TEs and HBs is there for you to create.


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