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In this article, we will be providing you with the most realistic XP Sliders in Madden 22 and also an in-depth reason on why we chose these XP Sliders. This is a topic that we struggled with over time because it is not that easy to provide a single answer as to why the XP Sliders should be set at a certain number without answering multiple questions that form realism as we know it.

We want to make some points before we just jump into our XP Sliders to give you the full spectrum of why we chose the XP Sliders that we did. We find that too many people just say things without actually breaking down what they mean, and how they are trying to correlate realism in Madden.

Video Example Below

Stop Considering all 99 Overall Players the Same Rating in Madden.

There appears to be a stigma against having at least one 99 overall players at each position. To us this makes no sense, it is like people believe all 99 overalls are the same. As if there is a singular connection in talent just because a player is a 99 overall.

This just shows us that people do not truly realize that Madden created the 99 overall as a cut-off and it cuts off the true overall of a player rated that high. Two 99 overalls of the same position can be completely different, yet people will act as if they are somehow equal, this baffles us.

A 99 overall player only means that Madden in essence stopped counting. Two 99 overalls can be light-years in the difference between each other, to a point that it is so obvious yet no one seems to realize it.

If Madden truly rated players of really high overalls you would likely see players reach into the 120 overall range while others capped out at 99. Just because a made-up auto-generated runningback is a 99 overall does not mean that said player will come close in value or excellence as Berry Sanders when he played the game.

Berry Sanders would have likely been rated 120 plus overall, so just because a player is a 99 overall doesn’t mean it is taking away from the realism of real life. This also goes for every position except a select few.

For example, we modified player overalls to show you how great the difference in 99 overalls can be.

The Difference Between two 99 overall HBs in Madden 22
James Conner has a much slower speed than C.Edmonds. While also only having 1 COD.
The Difference Between two 99 overall HBs in Madden 22
Which 99 overall HB would you rather have? We wanted to prove that not all 99 overalls are the same.

Moving on to QBs, they can be much different as well.

What the Difference can be Between two 99 Overall QBs in Madden 22
The difference can be night and day, one can also have a 1 stamina compared to a 99 if we really wanted to prove a point and they would still be rated the same overall.

Do not let the 99 overall fool you, there can be big differences between them.

Every Position Should Have a 99 Overall or Close to a 99 Overall Each Year and Here is Why.

Quenton Nelson for example is a 96 overall currently and he is obviously the best LG in the NFL at this moment and may be considered in the top 5 best guards in the history of the NFL. If he is the best LG in the NFL at this very moment and has been for multiple years now then why would he not be a 99 overall is the true question?

If a player is not a 99 overall we believe that they should at least be close, at least within 2 overall points. In every position, you can find a single player that dominates the game at that position, and having them a 99 overall or close to a 99 overall will not take away from the Hall of Famers before them.

We wanted to really think about our XP Sliders and why they should be at a certain percentage. We did not want to take away from the legends of the game.

We know from research and pure obviousness that the NFL is only getting more talented as the years go on. Players are bigger faster and more deadly than ever before and this will only increase as each year passes.

And since we do believe there should be a 99 or close to a 99 overall player at each position we needed to also keep the integrity of talent of the Hall of Famers and their dominance in the game of football.

We wanted to keep realism alive in Madden and didn’t want to take away from players like Ed Reed, Berry Sanders, Randy Moss, and many others.

We Also had to Combat the Difference Between Auto Genertaed Players vs User Controlled.

An auto-generated player is a player that does not receive an increase in overall based upon how they played, they only receive an overall increase through the XP they are awarded. User-Controlled players are real players that can receive an increase in overall based upon how the rating adjusters feel said player did during the season.

User-controlled players can receive a 10 plus increase in overall without the XP Sliders influencing this overall increase. Tristan Wirfs for example, came into the NFL with a 70 plus overall and jumped to an 89 overall after the rating adjusters increased it.

If Tristian Wirfs had to only rely on the standard XP Sliders he would not come anywhere close to reaching an 89 overall after 1-year. We had to take this into consideration when making our XP Sliders.

A lot of people sim 10 years and take the average overalls and make their decisions based upon that, which is not what should be done.

User-controlled players will always be a higher overall than auto-generated players. So what you will see in the 10-year sim is a higher overall average that drastically decreases when all real players retire from the NFL within 15 years.

So if we know that players are only getting more talented as the years go on then overalls should only increase in selective sequences. That is why we are going to provide you with alternatives to this.

If you truly want a realistic XP Slider setup, you will want to increase your XP Sliders in selective sequences. There is no perfect ratio but we find that we came close to capturing realistic XP Sliders.

Some will see these and say they are too high because they are really talented at Madden. Even for those who are really talented, they will not be able to keep all their players on their team due to their contracts being too high. Unless of course, they are using our contract cheats and tips.

This also feeds the rest of the league if you are producing great talent that you cannot keep on your team. Other teams will also prosper from your own success.

QB – 110% until 2028, in 2028 increase to 130%.

HB – 114% until 2028, in 2028 increase to 128%.

TE – 130% until 2028, in 2028 increase to 160%.

WR – 114% until 2028, in 2028 increase to 138%.

FB – 300%

Tackles – 140% until 2028, in 2028 increase to 166%.

Guards – 142% until 2028, in 2028 increase to 170%.

Centers – 142% until 2028, in 2028 increase to 170%.

Defensive Ends – 120% until 2028, in 2028 increase to 140%.

DTs – 120% until 2028, in 2028 increase to 140%.

MLBS – 120% until 2028, in 2028 increase to 140%.

OLBs – 140% until 2028, in 2028 increase to 155%.

CBs – 128% until 2028, in 2028 increase to 138%.

FSs – 142% until 2028, in 2028 increase to 158%.

SSs – 120% until 2028, in 2028 increase to 140%.

Ks – 300%.

Ps – 300%.


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