The Players who Should be a 99 Overall in Madden 22

November 10, 2021
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The Players who Should be a 99 Overall in Madden 22

November 10, 2021
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Do you ever feel like Madden gets the ratings wrong? Well, we do too, and today we are going to fix that and give respect where respect is due.

Madden likes to have their 99 overall club and give awards to the players they feel are a 99 overall. Of course, Madden does not ask the fans how they feel because fans tend to vote in biased terms.

This is understandable and human nature, humans tend to side with their village. If there are two similarly talented wide receivers on two different teams people would likely vote in the direction that supports their emotions.

With Madden, their 99 club seems like it has now been more politicized than ever before. They want their club and shiny little trophy to mean something more than what it is. This is likely why they are being more strict with who gets in their fancy little club.

Unfortunately, Madden is way too up in down with their ratings. Ratings should be how good the player is, not how good he did yesterday or the day before. With football, the only consistency is that there is no consistency.

One minute they will rate Tom Brady a 96 overall, then he will go win a Super Bowl and make Madden look as if they are not responsible enough to hold the keys to such ratings.

However, we are here to give our ratings of who should be a 99 overall player at each position if each position deserves it. Of course, this will be subjective to some, but remember to not take it personally. We are only trying our best to be fair, to use logic without the temptation of emotion.

Let’s start, shall we?


  1. Tom Brady. Brady is a 98 overall in Madden, which makes very little sense when you break down what he has accomplished in recent times. We don’t have to search back years in the past to understand what kind of QB he is today.

    He is leading in touchdowns this year so far, while also likely going to take back the lead in passing yards when the Bucs come back from their bye week.

    All we would increase is his Throw Power to a 93 and his Throw Under Pressure to a 94. This would increase him to a 99.
  2. Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers always has influxes to his overall even when he really does not change much. The proof is extremely easy to provide and the Cardinals will do that for you.

    The Cardinals were favored to beat the Packers, after all, the Packers had Devontae Adams out along with Allen Lazard. They were destined to lose according to the experts, but one thing they forgot to consider is that Aaron Rodgers is a pro bowl creator.

    There are very few QBs that can turn so many players into potential pro bowlers regardless of who is around them. Rodgers is one of them and no he didn’t do it 5 years ago, he is doing this every year.

    If Aaron was playing against the Chiefs the Chiefs would have likely have been facing a mountain too big to climb, too big to fly over even with their fastest jet in Tyreek Hill.

    Aaron Rodgers is a mountain with a cannon like arm that earned him 17 Tds with only 3 interceptions so far this year. We would change his Throw Power to a 95, His Medium Accuracy to a 94, and his Deep Accuracy to a 96.

    There are some other players we would change as well but not enough to make it to a 99 overall and sense this is a 99 overall video we will not mention all of them. QBs like Mathew Stafford, Matt ryan, and Ryan tannehill would be a few that we would change.

    If we don’t mention a player that you like please do not take offense to it, we are mainly discussing the 99 overalls.


  1. Derrick Henry is a 98 overall in madden currently and yes, he is injured. However, just because he is injured does not mean that he is not the best HB right now. We feel Madden missed the boat with Henry for whatever reason.

    We would increase his Speed to a 94, his Acceleration to a 97, and his Agility to an 89. Henry does not get the respect that he deserves with his football speed. When Henry is out in the open he is almost faster than anyone else on the field, including those who have a much higher speed rating than his.
  2. Christian McCaffrey. McCaffrey has been struggling with injurys lately but that does not mean he is any less. We feel they should have just decresed his injury rating before they dropped him below a 99 overall.

    We would increase his Speed to a 94 and his Accerlation to a 95. Other than that we would keep him the same, this would increase him back up to a 99 overall.
  3. Nick Chubb. Chubb has been and still is a beast. There are not many running backs that can do what he can do and we are likely seeing a legend in the making. He is purley dominate when he is in and almost cannont be stopped.

    His foot work is almost surreal, he runs low, he can be an all down back, and he appears to only heat up as the games tiks on. We would increase his Speed to a 93, his Acceleration to a 93, and Agility from an 83 to a 92.

    We would also increase his Ball Carry Vision to a 99. This would put Chubb to a 99 and we believe that is where he should be.


  1. Kyle Juszczyk. Juszczyk is a universal devestator at FB. But, sense he is a fullback it somehow means that he is not worthy of holding onto the 99 overall title even when it is obvious that he is the best FB in the NFL. Fullbacks desereve the right to hold that title just as much as any other position.

    We would change his Speed to an 84, Awareness to a 99, and a slew of other ratings in order to get him to that 99 overall rating.


  1. DeAndre Hopkins. Why Hopkins is not a 99 overall makes very little sense to us, he is purley dominate and that is being light with words when we are talking about a player as deadly as #10.

    We would increase his Speed to a 92 overall, as well as his Acceraltion to a 92, and his Agility to a 94. There are other WRs that come close to getting a 99 overall but we felt D-Hop was the most obvious choice.


  1. George Kittle. George Kittle has had a rough season but it isn’t only because he is having an off season. There are some issues at QB that the 49ers need to figure out.

    Kittle is still a top TE in our eyes and does not desereve to be blasted off the top of the mountain just yet. We beilieve his agility should be an 87, Awareness to a 99, and have a catching of 94.

    There are definitely other TEs that deserve an increase in overall as well but putting them to a 99 is a little difficult to do. Mark Andrews is one of the best TEs that doesn’t get to show off his talent enough, Darren Waller also joins Andrews in players that should recieve an increase in overall.


  1. David Bakhtiari. He is one of the nastiest lineman in the NFL when healthy and seems to never get the credit that he deserves for whatever reason. Madden loves to hate on lineman, even when they do not deserve it.

    We would increase several areas of Bakhtiaris ratings to get him to a 99 overall. Of course, he is not the only one that we feel does not get the credit that he deserves but he is the main one we chose for this video.


  1. Quenton Nelson is another 99 overall that Madden missed out on, they act as if having 99 overall at each position will take away from the greats before them and that simply is not the truth.

    We won’t even breakdown why we believe that he should be a 99 overall because it is simply uneccessary.


The 2 players we could argue of being the best are Ryan Jenson and Rodney Hudson. For some reason, these two do not get the respect they deserve. Madden could but them up to the 95 overall range.

However, since they are centers somehow means that they are not that good at football compared to other positions.


  1. Zach Martin. Zach Martin is a 98 overall because Madden wants their 99 overall club to mean more than it actually does. Zach Martin is a 99 overall and there needs to be no explination.


The two closes guys to a 99 overall may not be to a 99 yet in our opinion but they should be a much higher overall than what Madden put them at. Those 2 are Tristan Wirfs and Ryan Ramczyk. We could see them being around the 96 overall range.


We believe Cameron Jordan could be placed a little bit higher in overall. Arguing that he should be a 99 overall would be tough but we could see him being close to a 97 overall.


At RE we do not disagree with too many of their overalls, maybe a few increases here and there but they got most of them fairly accurate.


Vita Vea is clearly the most dominate DT this year, we could see him in the 98 overall range. Deforest Buckner is another player we could see getting an increase with how dominate he is on the field.


T.J. Watt is the clear winner at LOLB this year. He is just so fast off the ball and absolutely nasty in both run and pass defense. We would put him at a 99 overall.

We would increase his speed to an 85, Agility to an 88, Awareness to a 99, Tackling to a 97, Play Recognition to a 98, Block Shedding to a 95, Finnesse Moves to a 97, Power Moves to an 86, and his Pursuit to a 99.


Fred Warner we would have to a 98 overall, Bobby Wagner we would also increase to a 96 overall, and Lavonte David to an 95 along with Damrio Davis.


Chandler Jones we would have at a 98 overall this year, we would increase Von Miller to a 95, and increase Harold Landry III to a 91 overall.


At cornerback we feel Madden did a fair job. We would only increase a few players here and there.


WE would increase 3 players. Kevin Byard we would increase to a 97/98 overall. He is so dominate and we feel he does not get the credit he deserves.

We would also increase Jessie Bates III to a 97, then we would finish it off by increasing Justin Simmons to a 94/95.


Tyrann Mathieu to a 98 overall. Then Budda Baker to a 95/96 overall.

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