The Sims is More Realistic Than You May Think

The Sims 4 Screenshot

We are playing The Sims 4 to write some content on our website, so I have been playing considerably a lot, lately. The Sims 4 is a game that will always be successful and will go down as one of Electronic Art’s best creations.

If you understand the game of Sims, you know your characters are monsters and rarely take care of themselves. They will be pissed off to no end because they did not eat in a while and their body feels like crap. The madness doesn’t end there, oh no, they will complain because they need to pee or poop and hold it in to finish playing a game.

I laughed at my Sim, Blosh Poots, for not peeing when he had to and was bitching to me about it. As I laughed at him, I realized I have had to pee for a while and I held it in to play this damn game for our company. When that realization set in my first thought was “you bastard”.

I have a younger sister that will complain about being grumpy and I have to go through a mental checklist of all the reasons she may feel horrible.

“How long ago did you eat?” “How much water have you drank today?” “Did you get good sleep?”

The evidence reveals itself quite quickly as to why she feels the unholy way she does.

I realized how many times I have not taken care of myself because of working too hard or just being lazy. My thoughts flipped over to a time a random guy got so pissed at me for driving the speed limit, so he flipped me off the first chance he got. My thought then was chill out crap lips. Now it changed to, maybe he just has to take a big steamy. I know Blosh Poots would act the same way if he had to give the toilet a kung fu throat punch.

I started to realize how much us humans do not take care of the easy aspects of life which could make us much happier in the long run and also much more successful. The moral of the story is to listen to your body and take care of yourself. I have to go drink some water now. Goodbye.


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