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Top 5 Idle Games 2021
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Have you ever wondered what are the best idle games? Well, this is the top 5 best Idle Games for 2021; every game on this list will have its own guide so make sure to check that out.

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These idle games have been chosen because they are addictive and you can very easily kill time with any game on this list. There are certain idle games that are more pay-to-play once you hit a certain point in the game just like Codigames‘ newer idles out there.

However, this is not the case with the following idle games. You will be able to play just about nonstop. Whether you are at an airport, on a boring date, or at a boring Christmas sweater party, you will be able to make it more enjoyable.

Now, let’s jump into this.

#5 Idle Zombie Hospital Tycoon

The whole Zombie theme is very popular year after year. To add to that, they create an idle game involving zombies.

You manage a hospital where the zombies go to recover. It’s like a luxury prison hospital but beware, there could be a rebellion of zombies attacking your staff while your paramedics do their best to get it under control. You will lose paramedics in their attempt to control the riots so make sure they are well-equipped.

Idle Zombie Hospital Tycoon is a game that you can easily play for a few hours or longer to take you away from the boredom everyone suffers sooner or later.

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#4 Idle Barber Shop Tycoon

It is tough to make money in most idle games. That is the big buzz kill when you see that an hour of real-time passes by and you only made a few thousand. However, that is not the case with Idle Barber Shop Tycoon.

You start out as an entrepreneur with a beat-up old barbershop that you get to build into a very nice and professional-looking barbershop. In fact, this doesn’t take much time to do.

You will get more customers, hire more barbers, and decorate the interior of your barbershop.

If you would like to kill time or just have fun building your business from an old beat-down shop to a five-star barbershop then this is the game for you. The gratification is what makes Idle Barber Shop Tycoon so fun.

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#3 Idle Restaurant Tycoon

Ahh, Idle Restaurant Tycoon. A game where you run and upgrade your own restaurant to a five-star restaurant.

What happens after you obtain a five-star restaurant? Well, you get to renovate it and bring in more customers, make more money, and fully upgrade more tables.

This is a fun game where getting five stars does not require you to spend any money. There are decorations, however, that will cost real-life money and they add special perks but are not required to get five stars as some other idle games do.

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#2 Deep Town: Mining Idle Tycoon

Deep Town is a real-time strategy game that is not only fun but addicting. It has a storyline that makes you curious to find out what discovery is next.

You play as robots visiting earth to an extinct human race. Send robots to explore caves and find artifacts that teach you about the life that used to be.

Dig deeper and deeper and fight mining bosses along the way. You will need to make upgrades to your equipment as there are new challenges ahead, such as corrupted blocks that heal themselves

You also get to use rockets and travel to asteroids to mine as well.

Deep Town is a game you will play endlessly to explore a hostile world. Make sure to check out our Deep Town Tips, Trick, & Cheats That will Make You Pro.

#1 Idle Casino Manager

Idle Casino Manager is a seriously addictive idle game; this is the reason it is #1 on our list.

Manage a casino and upgrade the gaming floors until you can sell your casino to purchase the next best casino.

After you unlock each casino, you will unlock a new gaming floor to make even more money. So much money it’s actually a rush to see that huge number get even bigger… I’m talking higher than Sextillion.

There is something so gratifying about making that much money and seeing hundreds of people walking around your casino with little thought clouds cursing because they lost so much money.

You can play this for hours and get through to the last casino without stopping. While the game is a few years old, it is truly an addictive game and a must-play.

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We hope this article has helped you find games that you can play and enjoy in your leisure time, a boring date, or whatever the reason may be.

Let us know in the comments if you think there is a game that deserves to be in our top 5 list or if you enjoyed any of the idle games I listed here.

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