About Tips4Gamers Inc.

We, at Tips4Gamers Inc., want every gamer from the beginner to the veteran to have the most fulfillment and the best experience when playing your favorite games.

If you’re just playing for pleasure or competitively we will always strive to make you more knowledgeable to have fun, cheat the game’s system, or be the best you can be at each game you play. We will always be there for the gaming community by helping with any gaming obstacle in your way.

Don’t Just Play the Game… Own the Game.


Doddery or Dodds is the co-owner of Tips4Gamers.com and has been gaming ever since he was four years old. He has been one of the best gamers out there. He has been highly ranked in the world getting ranked #1 in the world on Civilization Revolution three times; he was “Game of the Week” and only played on Deity difficulty. In his off time, he enjoys nature and BBQ.


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