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Top 10 Sleeper QBs in Madden 23 Franchise Mode to Trade For
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We are going to be breaking down the very best sleeper QBs in Madden 23 Franchise Mode to trade for. Our list is going to mainly be comprised of user-play franchises and not simulation leagues.

We are going to come out with the top 10 QBs for simulation leagues so make sure to subscribe to us on YouTube so you don’t miss that. We will also update this article with the link to simulation sleeper QBs when it is posted on our site.

If you have any sleeper QBs that you like, let us know in the comments below.

Video Tutorial

If you’d prefer reading the top 10 sleeper QBs for user-play then continue reading.

10. Feleipe Franks | Falcons – 60 Ovr:

Coming in at number 10, we have Feleipe franks on the Falcons. Franks may not have the best throw style, overall, or development, after all, he is a sleeper QB.

However, that does not change the fact that he is a QB that you will be able to turn into your franchise QB.

9. Drew Lock | Seahawks – 65 Ovr:

Drew Lock is obviously not the best QB around town but he is easy to trade for, has decent ratings, and can get the job down for you. He has 89 throw power and 83 speed.

His other ratings are not the best but he is a QB with ratings just good enough that in the right hands he can play far above his overall.

8. Kellen Mond | Browns – 64 Ovr:

Kellen Mond is very easy to trade for and his ratings are just good enough to give you enough solid play out of him in user play.

He has 88 throw power, 85 speed, 87 acceleration, and 86 agility. He is a very annoying QB that can save you a lot of money to spend on elite players and he can be very hard to stop in the right hands.

7. Jordan Love | Packers – 66 Ovr:

Jordan Love is another really easy-to-trade-for QB who is built more for passing than he is a scrambling QB. He has solid throw power (90), with overall decent accuracy. His Throw Style is the best in the game which we have an article on.

His speed isn’t abysmal but it isn’t anything to write home about. Overall, he is a solid QB to pick up if you want to go the cheap route for QBs and have the talent to work with someone who isn’t as talented.

6. Sam Howell | Commanders – 65 Ovr:

Sam Howell is easy to trade for, has decent all-around traits, and he will no doubt be cheap for what he can bring to the table. He has 92 throw power and decent accuracy ratings.

He has enough speed to scramble for a first down but he is definitely no Micheal Vick.

5. Tyler Huntley | Ravens – 68 Ovr:

Tyler Huntley is easy to trade for and can really explode on the scene for your team. His throw power is an 86 which is a bit of a bummer but still something you can work with.

What changes the game for Huntley is the fact that he has 87 speed, 90 acceleration, and 86 agility. That makes him one of the fastest QBs in the game and a potential runner out of the QB position that would be very hard for linebackers and DEs to chance down.

4. Desmond Ridder | Falcons – 69 Ovr:

Desmond Ridder is very easy to trade for with what he can offer you. He is good for his overall and has decent traits to go along with it. By the time he comes up on a contract as well, you will definitely get a bargain for him.

He has 91 throw power so he can throw it deep down the field if needed. Along with his throw power, he also has 88 speed and 90 acceleration, and 79 agility. His agility sucks but he can still pick up big yards with his legs if you need him to.

Ridder really shined in our Falcons Rebuild if you want to check that out:

Part two of our Falcons Rebuild:

3. Daniel Jones | Giants – 71 Ovr:

The interesting thing about Jones is the fact that his throw power is 87, his speed is 89, his acceleration is 89, and his agility is 83. He is a very interesting QB that can do a lot of damage to teams in the right hands and he won’t cost you much at all.

2. Justin Fields | Bears – 73 Ovr:

Fields may sound odd being on this list due to him being a first-round pick but his overall has not jumped after his rookie performance and some even considered him a bust.

He is truly a powerhouse in the right hands with his throw power (92), speed (90), acceleration (91), and agility (90). He also has a Star dev trait so he will increase XP quicker than the others.

He is very fast for a QB and he has the throw power to get it to your fastest WR on a go route. All in all, he is a very nasty QB in the right hands.

1. Malik Willis | Titans – 69 Ovr:

Malik is very easy to trade for and that is because his awareness is very low. This is good because for Madden to get his overall to a 69 and keep his other rating high that is the one rating that had to lower.

He has 94 throw power, with 92 speed, 93 acceleration, and 92 agility. The dude is screaming fast in Madden and his throw power is honestly insane. For sure the best sleeper for user play.

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