Top 5 Best Teams to Rebuild With in Madden 22 Franchise Mode

October 20, 2021
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Top 5 Best Teams to Rebuild With in Madden 22 Franchise Mode

October 20, 2021
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We are going to break down the top 5 teams to rebuild with in Madden 22 that will give you the best chance to succeed. These teams are not just the best teams in the league with the highest overall players.

These are teams with several key indicators that we were looking for in order to truly give you the best chance at success. We considered cap room, solid trade away value, good to decent contracts, and a profitable draft pick value.


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5. Baltimore Ravens

The 5th best team to rebuild with is the Baltimore Ravens and this is not just due to having Lamar Jackson. They have a very high overall average on their team.

The Ravens have most of their draft picks except for their 6th and 7th which tend to be worthless anyway. They have tremendous trade-away value, the majority of their contracts are locked in for multiple years. They also have an added 4th from Arizona and Kansas City.

Another huge bonus to this team that I like is that they have $64.1 million cape space. This means that they have a lot of money to spend in the free agency or to sign the players they already have like Lamar Jackson.

What we recommend with the Ravens.

We recommend doubling their draft stock by trading out of their picks during the draft to hungry teams that want to move up. The Ravens do not need a lot of weapons so you can be freer with your draft stock and prepare for next year.

You will have the money and draft stock to eliminate key positions you need to cover and to turn a negative into a positive. The Ravens will likely have bad draft picks so to combat that it is wise to have a lot of decent picks instead.

Lamar can be signed and they would still have a good amount of money to spend on other elite players especially with our contract methods like Madden 22 Contract Glitch.

Our how to sign players in the free agency video is shown below.

4. Detroit Lions

Our Detriot Lions Rebuild

The Detriot Lions are in a great spot in multiple situations in order to be successful in a rebuild. They have $78 million in cap space to play with, with an already decent average player overall. They are in a position to swing their money around and bully other teams in the free agency signing period.

Their QB situation is not solidified but they only have 2 years left on Jared Goff’s contract and only owe him $20m. Which gives you the option to trade him away for great value or even to snag another draft pick.

The Lions have a solid O-Line which is most of the time the issue for most teams, a good running back, and a solid tight end. Their defense is young and terrible but good defensive players are easy to sign and draft.

They also have 2 first-round draft picks, the first is yours which will likely still be a decent pick unless you can pull off a lot of wins and the second is the LAR pick, and that will likely be a late 1st. However, it is a good trade-away value option to consider.

What we recommend with the Lions

We would recommend thinking about them in a 3-year rebuild term. Trade away the Rams 1st round pick unless you are sure you can nail a solid prospect.

Such as a WR, D-linemen, CB that has the potential to play a safety role, safety, or a linebacker. Or go with the best guy available such as an early first-round projected QB that you can trade for even more value.

They run a 3-4 defensive scheme so there are a lot of options available for you to improve with players already in the league or that are coming into the league. It also gives you the ability to draft or sign DEs that can be moved to linebacker.

Stay away from signing OLBs from the free agency because they will eat up a lot of your cap, OLBs tend to ask for too much money while in the free agency signing period.

Trade for a QB that is a one-year pro like we showed in our How to Trade for Young Superstars.

How to Trade for Young Superstars

3. Tennesse Titans

The Titans are in a perfect spot to dominate and almost always make the playoffs. They are in a poor division thanks to Bill Obrien making the Cardinals insane and the Colts not rebounding off of losing Andrew Luck. The Jags are also better in Madden than they are in real life but they won’t be a contender for you if you run the Titans properly.

The Titans also have a lot of money to play with, they sit at $64.7 million in cap space and they already have most of their high overall players signed to decent deals. They have good WRs, bad TE, but TEs are easy to trade for, and they have a decent O-Line to build off of.

Their defense is young and talented so they just need some time and a little TLC. All and all their defense is in good shape.

Draft pick wise they are only missing their 7th round pick which is something I would not cry over.

What we recommend for the Titans

Be greedy with your draft picks and try to stay around 3 good players in the draft and trade away the rest to prepare for next year’s draft. Draft a TE, solid O-linemen, DE, DT, or if you can get lucky enough draft a solid QB.

If you draft a good DE because there are not many good DTs left in the draft then just move Jeffrey Simmons to DT and then move Bud Dupree to end. Simmons is a wild card that can play anywhere on the D-line. Utilize this.

Tannehill will hit a regression next year so look to trade him away for as much as you can get during the offseason free agency period and either draft or trade for a 1-year pro. Tannehill is not owed very much so do not worry about not having the money to make this decision.

Bully teams in the free agency for solid defensive players and patch up the aging O-line. The Titans have speed on defense so do not be afraid to change up their scheme and or to have a heavy blitz package. We would also recommend switching to Cleveland’s offensive playbook if you are in simulation.

2. Tampa Bay Buccneers

This may sound obvious but the Bucs are in such a great spot as a franchise. No huge unworthy QB contract that you cannot get out of. Great trade away value with most of their amazing players signed to decent deals.

They have $40 million in cap space which is insane to think about with the loaded talent this team already has. When Tom reties it will be a rookie QBs dream to utilize this kind of talent around him. It also gives you the option to use our Top 8 Bes Sleeper QBs list in Madden 22.

There are so many options with the Bucs that you can use to stay on top of this division and even win the conference. They also have all of their draft picks so this team is in a perfect situation.

What we recommend with the Buccaneers

We recommend trading for Jonathan Taylor on the Colts, he is easy to trade for and will not cost too much when his contract comes up. If that is not an option look to add another HB that is more talented than the ones that you currently have in Fournette or Jones II.

Wait until week 8 to see what kind of contract AB wants, if he wants more than a 1-year deal then trade Away Antonio Brown for as much value as you can get before the trade deadline.

Even if you see that he wants too big of a contract still wait to trade him away until week 8, try and get him XP to boost his overall before trading him. The other reason to not trade him until then is to try and win as many games as you can before a weapon like that is gone.

Do the same with Gronk. After that the rest is just patchwork, the O-line is getting old and is coming up on contracts.

1. The Philidalphia Eagles

The Eagles are our number 1 ranked team to rebuild for several reasons. They have 3 first-round picks that tend to be amazing in Madden and likely in real life as it sits currently. They have the Colts 1st round pick and the Dolphins’ first-round pick on top of theirs.

They have a solid average overall when it comes to the players on their team. They also have $66.9 million in cap space alongside a laundry list of players with high trade-away value. Some of their O-linemen are signed to insane deals that are not profitable to the team but they are easy to get out of.

What we recommend with the Eagles

We recommend replacing Jalen Hurts either through trading or drafting. He lacks in many issues that make it unnecessary to try and deal with when this team is as loaded as it is.

Draft with only one first-round pick and trade the other two first-round picks away for more picks of next year. Keep those picks making more picks for you each year while you snipe the draft where you see fit.

Replace your lineman as they start to regress by trading them for the young talented players that were drafted by other teams. This will eliminate the guessing game of the draft and solidify your O-line for years to come.

Use your draft value to replace aging defenders and to add more weapons on offense.

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