Top 5 Sleeper TEs to Trade for in Madden 23

April 29, 2023
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If a TE (Tight End) did not make it onto our Top 5 Sleeper TEs in Madden 23 list then they did not possess one more than the requirements that we look for. They could have been close to making it onto the list but they fell short in one way or another.

Some of these guys are really close to each other.

The Video

6. Kylen Granson (Colts)

Grayson is more of a patch for a team and not likely a fix. He is 24 and has one year under his belt with a normal dev.

He is only 6’2″ which is nothing great but his jumping rating is 87 and that puts his jumping ability in the top half of TEs. His Stamina is 84 which is not great, we wish it was at least an 86.

However, he does have a 92 Injury which means he can take a beating. Granson has 79 CTH and 75 CIT which is workable, his SRR needs some work with it only being at 63.

Can he block? Yes, as bad as everyone else. Another bonus is the fact that he isn’t bloated in awareness which means he has solid raw ratings.

How to trade for Kylen Granson:

The Colts will give him up for around a 5th-round pick.

5. Noah Gray (Chiefs)

Gray is 23, 6’4″, a 68 overall with a crappy normal dev. Gray has some legs to him with an 84 Speed, 88 Acceleration, and 86 Agility.

He has a 91 base Injury with 84 Stamina which is similar to Granson. His overall catching ratings are decent enough to work with and improve greatly in time.

Overall he can be a viable option at TE in the right system.

How to Trade for Noah Gray:

Noah Gray is easy to trade for, use a 65 plus overall LOLB and it should go through.

4. Trey McBride (Cardinals)

Trey McBride was really close to being bumped down the list more because of his agility being a 76 but he still remains in the top 5.

McBride is 22, a 73 overall, normal dev rookie that also stands 6’4″. His Speed is 87, his Acceleration is 90, and his agility we already went over and it still sucks.

He has a 92 Injury and a 86 Stamina so he is decently reliable. Overall solid catching ratings.

How to Trade for Trey McBride:

We used a 3rd round current pick, a low overall QB, and finished it off with a 7th overall pick.

3. Daniel Bellinger (Giants)

Bellinger is 21, 6’5″, a rookie, 70 overall, with another crappy normal dev.

His speed though is 85, his acceleration is 89 which puts him in the top half of the league, and his agility is 79. His Catching is 84 which is fantastic for a sleeper.

Bellinger will need his CIT upgraded as it is only a 74. His Injury is a 91 base and his Stamina is 87.

Overall Daniel Bellinger is a potential dog on your team if used properly.

How to Trade for Daniel Bellinger:

3rd to a 5th.

2. Jelani Woods (Colts)

Woods is a solid sleeper TE prospect, with good size, speed, and potential. He is a rookie that is only 23.

Jelani Woods Player Breakdown:


The first thing about Jelani Woods is the dude is huge at 6’7″. The other crazy part is that he has 85 speed, 87 acceleration, and 84 agility.

Woods also has the 14th-highest jumping rating at 89 of all TEs in Madden which only compliments his height.

He has a 90 Injury rating and an 85 Samina rating which makes him a more reliable player than a lot of other TEs.

The great thing about his contract is that he is a rookie so you do not have to worry about signing him.


Woods has a normal dev trait which is never good in any situation. Thankfully TEs aren’t the hardest position to get their dev traits up.

Whether it be in a simulation league or a user-play league one should be able to get his dev trait to at least a Star over time.

Overall Jelani Woods can be a solid fill-in until you get another better TE or maybe you can turn him into a beast for cheap.

How to Trade for Jeleani Woods:

You will need a 68 plus overall (medium interest) HB, a 5th, and a 7th rounder.

1. Noah Fant (Seahawks)

Noah Fant is a 77 overall 3-year pro with a Star dev. He has a huge ceiling on what he can become in your league for cheap. Fant fits in both simulation leagues and user-play leagues.

Noah Fant T4G Player Breakdown:


Fant’s combined speed puts him as the second-fastest TE in Madden with 89 Speed, 92 Acceleration, and 89 Agility. To complement this his Stamina is 89 and his Injury rating is 90.

He is faster than the majority of all linebackers in Madden 23. To top that off he has a better Stamina rating than the majority of the guys who can keep up with him so as the game goes he excels.

He has the 11th-best catching rating of any TE. He also has a decent Short Route Running (SRR) at 71.

Contract-wise, Fant will not be expensive to sign. Especially for what he can turn into in your league if he is used in the right system.

Fant is not bloated with false talent with his Awareness rating being only 67. This means he has solid important raw ratings.


Even though he has great Catching for a sleeper his Catching in Traffic (CIT) is a 77 which isn’t great but still not worrisome due to how young he still is.

Trading for Noah Fant is fairly easy all you have to give up is a 3rd round pick and an HB. The HB can be in the mid to upper ’60s and above depending on the value of your 3rd-round pick.

How to Trade for Noah Fant:

If you don’t have the draft picks to trade for him you can always trade for an older offensive lineman that is in the upper 70 overalls. Then trade that lineman to them.

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