Top 5 Teams to Rebuild in Madden 23

September 19, 2022
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Top 5 Teams to Rebuild in Madden 23

September 19, 2022
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We will break down the top 5 teams to rebuild in Madden 23. We will take their cap space, roster value, and Draft Picks into consideration for this list.

5. Denver Broncos:

Cap Space: $19.7 Million.

Draft Picks 2023: Round 3 pick 73, round 3 pick 80, round 4 pick 105, round 5 pick 137, round 7 pick 204.

Team/Roster Summary: The Denver Broncos have a decent team for the most part with some upcoming. Good WRs, solid RB in Williams with Melvin Gordon as a good Trade away option.

The Broncos only owe Gordon $2 million if they trade him so that is a great deal. The offensive line sucks but they can be patched fairly easily.

Their defense is good in the secondary so that is a plus. However, the biggest opportunity for growth is with Russell Wilson.

His contract is cheap, if you trade him right now you will only owe him $10 million dollars which is chump change for QBs. Trading Wilson will bring you the king’s gold and you do not have to do it this year either.

4. New Orlean Saints

Cap Space: $22.6 Million

Draft Picks 2023: Round 2 pick 50, round 3 pick 82, round 4 pick 114, round 5 pick 146, and a 7th.

Team/Roster Summary: The Saints are a team where you can update the QB position and win a Super Bowl now or you can go into a full-blown rebuild.

They have so much talent with decently favorable contracts for the team and for trading. They are sitting in a great spot and they can be turned into a monster unit easily.

3. Carolina Panthers:

Cap Space: $31.2 Million

Draft Picks 2023: Round 1 pick 6, round 2 pick 38, round 4 pick 102, and a 6th and 7th.

Team/Roster Summary: The Carolina Panthers have a fair amount of draft picks that hold high value. They also have a lot of talent across the board and that doesn’t just include the offense.

In combination with their roster and draft value, they are a prime team to pick up in a rebuild.

2. Seattle Seahawks:

Cap Space: $29.4 Million

Draft Picks 2023: Round 1 pick 9, round 1 pick 10, round 2 pick 41, round 2 pick 42, round 3 pick 74, round 4 pick 106, round 5 pick 138, round 5 pick 148, and a 6th.

Team/Roster Summary: The Seahawks have a pretty solid unit with a decent amount of cap space with picks on picks on picks. They need a QB but we have solid Rookies to trade for with our Best Rookies to Trade for.

1. Cleveland Browns:

Cap Space: $69.4 Million

Draft Picks 2023: Round 2 pick 45, round 4 pick 108, round 4 pick 109, round 5 pick 141, round 5 pick 160, and some late-round picks that aren’t worth typing out.

Team/Roster: This team is almost a cheat code with how good they are at almost every position. They have so much trade-away value that it is almost stupid.

Along with the fact that they have $69 million in cap space it almost makes it impossible to compete with them in the right hands.


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